Ecocapsule: minimalist pod for living off-grid


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Does it float?


Cute concept. Fake product.


Photoshop jockeys fancy themselves “designers”. None of that stuff is real. Solar cells on a curved surface, so half of them face north? Tee hee.


Is this another stab at raising cash for a “maybe” project?

Looks like it!


But won’t the windmill ten feet off the ground compensate for that?


Don’t forget it magically floats to any location like a trimaxion drone ship.


Oh look, little solar oven for humans.


So, it’s a camping trailer without wheels?

Hmm. I see they’re planning a wheeled version. Then it will be a camping trailer.

Oh, wow! A camping trailer with a wind turbine and badly-placed solar panels! And all I have to do is pay shipping from Slovakia on top of its (as-yet-unannounced) preorder price?

Woo hoo.


This is . . . a wee bespoke camper without wheels. You could retrofit the water collection and energy stuff to an existing camper design.


Hasn’t Airstream (and others) been doing this for years?

Another thousand dollars or so will buy solar panels, mounting, & such.


I’m always baffled when people propose installing micro homes in urban areas and/or cold climates. There are lots of good reasons why people live in multi-unit buildings: vertical stacking, and efficient heating and cooling.

I suppose that if we airlifted tiny houses onto the roofs of existing buildings, that might get us a 1% or so increase in housing. But what cities need is smaller /apartments/, not smaller stand-alone buildings. Is there a tumblr someplace that features photoshopped high-concept zoning regulations?


I’m still puzzling over the water collection. The FAQ says the “Spherical [sic] shape is optimized for the collection of rainwater and dew”, but exactly how that works is… unclear.

Not to mention… why would dew form on its surface?

And how often would it have to rain for that limited catchment area to accrue enough water for the warm showers for two promised in the literature?

Really, as an exercise in marketing, it’s interesting. As a camper, it looks like it’s more style than substance.


There have been a few of these things on BoingBoing over the years.
Making an OK architectural concept look amazing by photoshopping it into beautiful pristine nature.

But then it isn’t pristine anymore is it? The beautiful view ruined for the sake of just two people being able to wake up to that view?
These type of architectural dreamers forget that it’s the lack of land with building permits that creates a typical housing crisis, not a lack of clever little buildings.


Airstreams are gorgeous. The price is sobering though - $45,000 for that little thing.


Came for the comments. Was not disappointed!


Go to Florida…you can get them lightly used for 2K or so.


What happens when the shell breaks apart?


Well, I guess that explains how it “holds two adults and contains a kitchenette with running water, flushing toilet, hot shower, and storage space” in such a tiny little space while also collecting dew and generating power from randomly-oriented solar panels and a pinwheel, er, wind turbine. It also, no doubt, turns into a rocket ship and transforms into a robot.


Yeah, this. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to live in most cities in a trailer, even on your own lot. Which I think is nonsense. I love the concept of cheap, small off grid living in the city/suburbs/exoburbs, but it’s a political problem, not a design problem.