Cozy $150 micro-camping trailer pulled by bike has kitchen, bed, bookshelves


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Very nice, would love to see a two person unit for a tandem bike.


Or a one-wheeled version for my unicycle.


♬One of these things is not like the others♫


It’s cute but I do not think I would choose to live there.


I like the idea. But peddling into a headwind with this attached to your bike will get old fast.


I wonder how it pulls compared to just packing 60 pounds of tent and camping gear onto your bike? It might save you 15 minutes for site set up and tear down, but if it takes more than half an hour longer to get to your destination…


Depending on how crazy you get with lightweight equipment, a tent, sleeping bag, pad, and panniers would weigh anywhere from 10 to 30 lb. This obviously imposes an additional aerodynamic hit and rolling-resistance hit with two extra wheels.

Some tourists do use cargo trailers, which in themselves weigh 15 lb and up. Compared to a cargo trailer, this is close to a wash.

My concern would be that this is too flimsy for hard use. Those 1x2 members will crack eventually. Those zip ties will get brittle after exposure to UV. On the one hand, the materials are cheap and light, so he could just bring spares. On the other, it would suck to have your shelter fall apart in the middle of nowhere.


I love his endless optimism and creativity but not a fan of the whole overselling the capabilities aspect. No, sir, it is NOT insulated. At 4mm thick, this plastic was nearly transparent (as seen in his video). There’s absolutely NO insulating going on there. And using zip ties poked thru the plastic to hold it together? Great idea, but putting duct tape over the holes doesn’t mean it’s moisture proof now.


With all that money he saved, he could have at least put in granite countertops.


Finally something to do with old campaign signs!


the first one needs electricity?


The third one is plural!


Anyone else immediately think of the movie ‘Sightseers’?


I think with some planning one can build this with more rugged materials and with better construction. Also if one were to attach this to a bike with an electric motor to it that could make it easier to get over hills and deal with headwind.

I really love this camper but biking it would be pretty rough. I’d rather size it up and attach it to a truck or car. Also i’m really not crazy about the butane burner, i’d rather install solar panels and batteries and have a hot plate. And you’d have power for other gadgets.


Right? Who needs lights?


I can affirm this. I traveled from Austin to San Diego this last winter with a heavily-loaded cargo trailer, and hit headwinds between places like Sanderson, Tx and Marathon, Tx too hard to even maintain an upright position when riding, much less pushing.


Just out of curiosity… how did you get over the Lagunas? (The mountains east of San Diego, between the Imperial Valley and the coast?)


Twenty dollar recumbent bike? I sense a great disturbance in the numbers force… like a massive fudging thereof…


Walked uphill and rode downhill via old hwy 80. THREE TIMES, when I found out Alpine wasn’t going to be a tent-friendly camping place and had to backtrack to the national forest.
One of three or four white-knuckle rides during the trip, especially when crossing the pass east of the Alpine vista turnoff. It felt very strange to be pushed along by high winds from the side and behind, and I really couldn’t tell if I was going uphill or down, though I think it was down.