A look back at Tyranid Attack and other vintage Games Workshop board games

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I still have a few games from that prolific GW era when they were making all manner of interesting one-off board games within their IP, just to see what sticks.

I have Dark Future, Adeptus Titanicus, Space Marine, Advanced Heroquest, and Space Hulk.

I loved Dark Future, but could never quite get anyone else to love it enough to play it more than once. I suspect it isn’t actually that good and I was blinded by my love of all things Road Warrior.

Titanicus and Space Marine were the same scale and the rule books combined so you could play these amazing epic-scale table top battles. Five marines to a 1” square and a Titan was the size of the palm of your hand, basically. Really cool. Everyone enjoyed that, but it was big and time consuming to play.

The two real gems in there are Advanced Heroquest (unrelated to the family board game of similar name) and Space Hulk. Both are fast to setup, play quickly, and are different every time. We played a lot of both of those. Both are also cooperative games for the players, which suited our group really well. We were not a fiercely competitive bunch but loved to gang up to fight off aliens in space ships and giant rats in dungeons.

I am between gaming groups right now, sadly. Otherwise I’d bust those out in a heartbeat.


I’ve never heard of that game before. It looks amazing!!! I love those older box games that Games Workshop used to put out. Such cool art and bright colors.

I go back further than that - I used to shop at the original store - so I have pretty much everything they did that wasn’t Warhammer (some of which are still great - I played Chaos Marauders the other day with my nephew (in his early teens) and it was good random fun.)

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