Unboxing a Gorkamorka game from 1997

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The OG Dark Tower game from 1981. I don’t want an update. I want the original.


Exactly! I had this game and played it a lot through high school but for whatever reason I got rid of it and almost immediately realized my mistake. I’d love to have the original back just to hear the rolling of the tube thing inside the tower.

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It’s a little embarrassing, but I’ve kept my eyes open for a decent copy of Hero’s Quest for years. It’s impossible to get for under $300 with all the pieces in even decent condition. It’s not an advanced game in any way, but for a Midwestern kid who had never seen anything like it and was bored to death of Monopoly and Risk, it introduced a style of gameplay I was completely unaccustomed to.


Didn’t they just re-issue this?

Hmm - I guess it was on Hasbro Pulse. Here you go.

The “1000” piece game I got and loved was TSR’s Buck Rodgers Battle for the 25th Century Game. Basically a slightly more complicated Risk. IN SSSPPPAAAACCCEEEEE. (Fun fact, it is where I learned about Lagrange points.)

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Yeah, but they updated the minis and graphics. It’s very cool looking, but I don’t think I’d spend $150 on a remake when there are fundamentally better games out there now. Plus, when I do find that unopened garage sale copy, the victory will be so, so sweet.


Ace of Aces - an interactive ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style air combat game played with two books. A friend of mine has the whole series, including the Blimps version. I’d be happy with just the first bi-plane version. The game mechanics hurt my head.

I was offered that HeroQuest game once for free, but I was half a continent away from home and doubted it would fit in my luggage.


They re-issued “Necromunda”. “GorkaMorka” had very similar rules (of course, so did 40k at the time).

I was an obsessive player of the original Necromunda, and still have the books and miniatures. The new version of Necromunda seems well crafted and reasonably popular, but I don’t have the time or money to invest, nor do I know where I would find fellow players.

Ace of Aces is a great game. The was a western gun fighting game from the same guys that was a great game, too.

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Still got an Ace of Aces in my bookshelf. 12-year old me and cousin spent an obsessive summer with it. Camel vs. Focker tri-plane if I’m not mistaken.

Otherwise, I stumbled on a set of D&D Basic and Expert editions, swedish translations, in original plastic a couple of years back. Never figured out what to do with them… maybe they could show up at an Antiques Roadshow episode in 2126 for some lucky decendant :grinning:.

Oi! Dat’s Me Leg!
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Saw it advertised in White Dwarf, foolishly assumed it would be around by the time I wasn’t broke.

Snit’s Revenge!
Link: Steve Jackson Games: Snits
My sister was given a copy in the 70’s, and she allowed me to read the comic that explains the game and then… she gave it away? Threw it out? Whatever, it was gone.

I absolutely loved the original game and a few months back got a few new miniatures to tinker with.
They are pretty and plastic but they’re not very versatile, unless you’re a good modeller you’re kind of stuck with their designs as they aren’t very modular.

So far I have painted a few bits including these robots, who I made cuter, and I’ve been making scenery. “Real” accessories are expensive, so I make my own :woman_shrugging:t3:


GW did a sequel to this called Advanced Heroquest that is outstanding and probably easier to get. I still have my copy and it’s one of the better “all in one box” games GW ever did.


I have copies of Ace of Aces and Snit’s Revenge. Guess my retirement is set…

If I had unlimited time and space and funds, I’d complete my collection of Infocom games, and get all of the company’s newsletters, The New Zork Times/The Status Line.

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