What's new in tabletop gaming (February 2019 edition)

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I recently tried the Pandemic: Fall of Rome game and … well … it has some interesting parts. I like the migrating tribes bit … that is historical and fun to play. And the roles are interesting. And the map is nice as are the game pieces.

But I liked Pandemic because it had no dice. Now we have dice, and well I understand that battles need dynamics but … three dice in a ro-sham-bo format feel like shoots-and-ladders.


While I haven’t played 40k in way too long. Necromunda and the less successful Ork themed GorkaMorka were the magic game scale for the 2nd edition rules.
I have been quite pleased with the direction of all the new skirmish sized/board game hybrid offerings GW have been putting out even if I am not in a place to afford it right now.


I hope it is okay to mention my own game as a DIY game. I made a game called Wild In The Streets that is based on youth subcultures like punks, goths, skinheads, etc. All the miniatures are based on friends or friends of friends. It is a really simple miniatures game and the basic rules fit on a postcard. It uses cards for activation and semi-random events, d10s for die rolling and is multiplayer friendly. We have a ton of fun playing it and I’m hoping to add even more gangs and expand the existing gangs over the next year.


Cosmic Encounter! I had that game a long time ago. It is nearly as pure and perfect as Backgammon!


What are your favorite indie games and zines?

My favorite small/indie pub RPG right now: In the Light of a Ghost Star.

It’s a tightly-packed little zine and a freakin’ delight! Gonzo/weird scifi exploration game that’s rules-light and comes with tables for building a scenario of your own, plus one pre-written. Also includes character sheets and a hex map!

Occassionaly he still puts up a print version, but you can get the downloadables for $5 from here: https://natetreme.itch.io/itloags and here https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/262482/In-The-Light-Of-A-Ghost-Star.

OH, COOOL! A revised rule book for CE. I was teaching it this last weekend and it’s really hard to find info on Zaps and the + reinforcement cards.

Also, I love me some Judge Dredd and am excited to check this out.

Are you Keyforging yet?


Well, I think my own gaming 'zine is my favorite - because I’m biased. That said, the monthly Sanctum Secorum Companion 'zine, which is available from drivethrurpg as a free download, does have a lot of great stuff for DCC RPG. :wink:

Oh, if we are adding links?


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Fire of Eidolon from Magic Meeple Games is fantastic.
They’re a great indie publisher making a lot of small box pixel-style games. I know they would happily do interviews, etc. for you too.

Oh yeah, their 3rd game Overworld just dropped too :smiley:

I had such a crush on GorkaMorka and kill myself for never picking it up. Same with Mordheim. And (to a lesser extent) Battlefleet Gothic. A mint copy of GorkaMorka has become one of my “grail games.”

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I can’t say my copy is mint. But I think I have most of it.
Battlefleet Gothic was an odd one. Essentially the same rules as Epic40k which fizzled but BFG did rather well.

My copy isn’t mint…but it is complete. Played it once…I think I have a mint battle buggy still in box for the game too. It has all sat in my closet for over 15 years or so. Drop me a PM if you want.


Redone Steve Jackson pocket box games! While I won’t probably be backing this crowdfunding (as I still have original copies of about two-thirds of the proposed games), it is a neat idea. And while $20 a game may seem a bit steep, it isn’t all that much more (given inflation) of the $5-$7 that they went for back in the day. Here’s hoping that classic Cars Wars and Illuminati have a resurgence!


Lamentations of the Flame Princess of course!

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I bought Cosmic Encounter in 1977 . . . and last year:

Production values have increased somewhat:

Some of the old expansions haven’t been recreated in the new game. The alternate solar systems and the PRAW:


I remember seeing ads for Cosmic Encounter in sci-fi and gaming mags and comic books (gulp) 40 years ago and thinking that I really wanted to play that game. But never did. This 42nd Ed. is the first one I’ve ever owned.


Lesser known? Guess we ran in very different circles back then. Funny thing about One Page Bulge is it seemed every “serious” wargamer had a copy of this as well and played it pretty heavily. Raid on Iran seemed to have a burst of popularity then slowed down

Even I’m not a real fan of WWII war-games, I still pestered Phil Reed on making this part of the kickstarter. Gonna enjoy playing it again.


The SF library / club at my undergrad school had a crowd that was so into Cosmic Encounter that they painted a copy of the board onto a circular table!

I’ve vowed not to buy the expansions until I actually make the time to play the 42nd anniversary set. Even though I’m retired I’m having trouble ripping myself away from my daily routine and finding a group to game with.


Yeah, I was mainly hanging out with RPGers who turned their noses up at traditional/historical wargames. For me, OGRE, Illuminati, Undead, and Nercomancer were my gateway drugs to wargaming.