A magic potato to feed the world

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@Mindysan33 here is a new one for your collection.

I though that I had found a magic potato once…


Nice try. That’s clearly a bear’s egg with a face drawn on it.


Off topic: if I leave an animated gif ‘running’ on my screen am I wasting ‘energy’?


I like to watch that one potato slice on the right side magically shrink in width. It’s mesmerizing!


Proof that potatoes love us and want us to be happy.


I thought that was shmoos.


Mark and the Potatostalk

You can grow potatoes is elevated sacks with pest/fungus free soil and harvest tons.


Reminds me of the Biblical tale of the miracle of the fish and the chips that fed over 9,000.


Only if the GPU is somehow involved (I wouldn’t expect it is.) Just having an animated image on the screen doesn’t really use any more power than having the screen on by itself. Even when your screen is powered on but black (not in sleep mode, but like a fade to black in a movie), it’s using just as much energy as it is when it’s all 0xFFFFFF.

Now, if you have some kind of GPU acceleration for a video or image playing, then the GPU is going to kick in and work for as long as the image is running. But something like this probably wouldn’t work it much harder than just keeping the desktop rendered on the screen.

PS, this is how I understand TFT displays work. I don’t know if IPS or the newer LED-based screens are different.

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Hay, you’re back! Welcome back!

I hope things have gone well for you, and you’ve gotten your business taken care of.


Potato, the most magical and wonderful of all the vegetables.

Heh, on one of the Twitch channels I watch (and a lot of others) “potato” is synonymous with “shitty”. Someone’s playing CS:GO and can’t hit the enemy spraying point-blank? “Potato Aim”. Dropping a ton of frames because the GPU is overheating? “I’m playing CS:GO on a potato here. Don’t criticize.”

I prefer using clear bags so that I can get lots of those delicious green taters…

Hey, it’ll really clean ya out.

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