A "Mail... Kimp?" song you can dance to


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All this mailkimp humor rubs me the wrong way. It is Anti-immigrant and racist in many ways. For a person learning English; a language that has more exceptions to the rule than any other language, learning pronounciation is often a trial and error experience. Look,at these words:




For someone learning english as a second language it is a gamble on what pronounciation is right.


I assumed the mail kimp girl was a grade schooler born in the US.

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English spelling is a guide to history, not pronunciation. And, hey, at least we’re not Hungarian. 247 ways to conjugate a verb, I mean what I don’t even.

Until now I had just assumed that it was spelled “Mail Khimp”. In my defense companies frequently use odd spellings in order to be hip and/or trademark-friendly.

(obligatory Monty Python reference here)

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I think the idea was to use a lot of slightly unusual but friendly voices to make it more fluent or viral or whatever.

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