Be careful when spelling the word "Coconut"


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C’mon, surely our newly naturalized Limey recognizes Consbreastutionally protected speech when he sees it?


An offensive expletive? “Cocunt” isn’t even a word.


This can’t be a typo or innocent misspelling. I’d be looking for a disgruntled employee.


All publicity is good pubicity.


Mom, these biscuits taste fishy.


Years ago I taught an ESL class. I was glancing over a student’s shoulder and saw that she had carefully written the grammar topic of the day at the top of the page in her note book. The topic was “Count and Non-Count”, the concept that some English nouns are countable (one apple, two apples) and some aren’t (X one sand, two sands). That was all fine and good, except that when she’d written the topic she’d left the letter “o” out of both words.


One of my branch managers, a non-native English speaker, was reporting on a subordinate, lamenting her lack of computer skills, namely not understanding the concept of network/hard drive letters, in the words “she does not understand hard dicks”.


The one I usually get wrong is account<>acocunt, damn these badly typing fingers :frowning:


Exactly, it’s supposed to be hyphenated.


You put the lime in the… whoops. No you don’t.




Mistake, or coming from a language with strong emphasis on grammatical gender?


No doubt the Scunthorpe tourism bureau is following the story closely.


I think of this problem whenever I use a Matsushita gizmo.


Meh, as stated, cocunt isn’t a word, so it just looks like an unfortunate typo (unfortunate in that it’s wrong, not that it’s offensive).

I get more of a snigger out of Cock-flavored soup that I occasionally see in the grocery.


A local supermarket abbreviates product names on shelf tags to two four-letter parts. So, for example, “Shiitake Mushrooms” becomes “SHIT MUSH”.



Well, at least you get Clubcard points for it.


Is that the one next to the main . . . . ?