Graffiti grammar cops prowl the night, spraypainting corrections


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In my neck of the woods, they can’t even spell “fuck” correctly.







Sounds like a euphemism for sex workers.


The guys correcting graffiti just reflects the general mood toward shitty spelling. In Spanish proper spelling and grammar is much much easier than English, and when you see mistakes on graffiti it’s just frustrating since you end up seeing it often.


:heart: this idea. Snarky and potentially educational!


Looks like an OCR demonstration



I can’t like that enough. Most of the graffiti I find is frustratingly incomprehensible. Except for this person who, I suspect, is a tagger by night and a professional chef by day. Or maybe the other way around.


That’s where that restaurant keeps the butter.

Don’t eat there.


Just came to post this, not disappointed :slight_smile:


This reminds me of an inadvertently great piece of graffiti on a building site near my house about 20 years ago (hence, no photo)


Also, no graffiti discussion would be complete without this gem:


So this place would be where I want to eat. Or maybe just get an industrial amount of butter.


Gotta love the great editorial direction “stet” (let it stand) in these graffiti


How did you know that says butter?

It reminds me of a head shop that was near me. It had a nearly incomprehensible sign made to look like graffiti, and I still have no idea what its name was. It was replaced by an environmental store, which was called “Green Earth” so people still kept walking in expecting it to be a head shop.


that’s a really fresh graf-name. well spotted. My thoughts went to video related (derived from Stetson hats) but I’m certain you’re right


Shall now expect some in the graffiti provision service industry to deliberately introduce errors just to get their imprimatur.


There’s a bridge on London’s M25 that has “JEUS” in huge letters then “JESUS” next to it. Always amuses me.