Making crappy tagging legible


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Legible, in this instance, equals boring; and it’s still not adding anything to the overall aesthetic, so better to just paint over it.

Where I live, basic tagging is declining because there’s an initiative to include street art as an accepted element of the cityscape.


They took away Herber’s crown! Boring is one thing, but Herber gonna cut you!


Emoticons going the wrong way make me twitchy.


I wonder if bbq and grilz work in tandem?


American Culture in a nutshell. The outside becomes the in, slowly but inevitably.

Hot Topic is a great example of this.

(@milliefink, sorry about all this. I’ve posted a thread for @codinghorror to address this comment reply BORK).


What’s not legible?


With emoticons, every way is the wrong way…


Different details are different.


It’s a little sad to me that it’s losing some of its outsider status but I’d rather see it become accepted than disappear. Back in April I I took a picture of an empty restaurant that looked like this:

And now it looks like this:

Not as good as yours by any stretch but I still liked it so much better when it had some colorful tags.


Idle curiosity: where is that?


Nashville, TN. The corner of West End and 20th Avenue.


I immediately thought, “HERBER(t)! HERBER(t)! HERBER(t)!”


Wait…that Rally’s is out of business? When did that happen? It looks apocalypsed, but I swear I was there less than a year ago…Wait five minutes and it’ll become an upscale mustache repair shop, or whatever, knowing Nashville.


It shut down sometime in January unfortunately. I miss the fish sandwiches although I don’t miss the long waits. Everything in the area is being turned into apartments nobody can afford so that’s probably what it’ll be by the end of the year.


Herber’s probably keeping a respectful distance due to the unspoken threat of being Comic Sans’d. Dude should’ve abdicated when he had a chance.


What would happen if you preserved their appearance but moved them to other areas?


I’m not being a pretentious art snob, but that shows a very high degree of skill, humor, domain expertise, and damn near perfect execution.


Think the link is broken it goes to a person’s Facebook page I can’t imagine you would send people there…


Except that I bet it really pisses off the taggers.