Making crappy tagging legible

Now I want this artist to paint over the graffiti with the nice legible text, my OCD demands it!

Maybe you are following the ‘via’ link instead of the imgur?

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I think it’s pretty funny and very well executed. YMOV.

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I bet @noahdjango could read those without any problem.

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I’m still not entirely sure that guy isn’t Quentin Tarantino.

I enjoy graffiti. I fucking hate taggers. Our corner of the neighborhood got hit with a bunch recently for the first time since we moved in, including our garage. Instead of some scrawled garbage why can’t someone vandalize our garage with something like this:

I would love to print some of these up but it seems more effective to paint over tags ASAP the morning after.


Because your house isn’t built on an ancient Indian burial ground.
Location, location, location.


I thought this was photoshopped, but if you look closely, the details are different in the before and after photos

The two are mutually compatible. If it were me, I would photograph the scene, paint over the tagging, re-photograph the blank slate, then photoshop onto Foteau #2, because lazy.

Go ahead and vandalize my whole house with something like this:


Trouble is, round hereabouts even when you get a nice mural on a wall, within a week someone sticks their shitty tag right across the middle.
This picture below, which popped up about three weeks ago is barely legible now, it’s so covered in tags (although everything on the Carriageworks has a pretty short lifetime anyway, it’s the street’s short term memory)

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Aww: it was someone else cleaning up the lettering. I thought it might be a big, scary primary school teacher with a metal ruler getting the perps to write it out ten times neatly.

All tagging and graffiti is “crappy”. I have some real hatred for the people who do this to our cities. I would support making vandalism a felony resulting in serious prison time.

Because it takes longer, and therefore has more potential for getting caught in the act?

Sure, because the for-profit prison system isn’t full enough already, populated mostly by non-violent offenders.

Here, have a licensed street mural.


What is the point of tagging? I get gangs marking territorial boundaries, so you know if this block belongs to the Latin Kings or whatever. And some of it is certainly an expression of art. But I have a hard time seeing regular tagging as anything but vandalism. Up here, it mostly appears on train cars that have been to unpleasant places. But if there is more to it, I would like to be educated.

In a nutshell, the world at large tells anyone and everyone who isn’t rich, famous and often, the “right color”:


#Your existence is nothing.

#No one even sees you.

Tagging, since the age of the cavemen, says back:

#I was here.

#I exist.


Right or wrong, for better or worse; that’s the point.


Street art is great, but this shows just how inane and worthless tagging is.

Around where I live, I’ve seen some of the tags painted over in a hash pattern, leaving some of the original tags, but obscuring it. I think this is to remove the “blank canvas” for more tagging. I’m anticipating some enterprising street wiz to start incorporating this in their display somehow.

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