Fantastic graffiti optical illusions by artist Vile

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I feel adblocking creeping up on my future.
There are so many fantastic(!) new ways of slipping
ads over the desired content that I don’t know how much longer I
can hold out.


That is really impressive. I would like to see how the detailed parts are painted.

p.s. it’s unrelated to the post, but I’ve never seen an ad on boingboing


Huh. You wouldn’t think there’d be such a roadrunner problem in Portugal of all places… I thought they were limited to the American southwest?




Yup, I’m with you. Except i already made the move.
Hadn’t used a blocker in years (because I want the sites i enjoy to be able to make some revenue). But there was a post on here last week that, even after the image-over ad ran its course left a border over the bottom of the image, obscuring relevant content. That was the final straw for me.


Just prepare yourself for a new onslaught: “I see you’re using an ad-blocker, you unAmerican pile of scum” messages.


They put a border on pictures now too…
…I’m so close, it’s just too, too much.

As a kid, whenever we would travel through the NYC area on a family trip I always looked forward to seeing the graf on the sides of the highway as we got closer and closer. But it seems like the general styles of the tags haven’t progressed that much since the early 80’s, so I give this guy props for coming up with a tag that even a lot of the old school graffiti legends could never have accomplished.


Yeah I’d like to look at the pictures but a big blue ad is obscuring every image on boingboing nowadays. I’m a longtime fan of BB but not if every post is wiped out by ads.


Oh, you certainly have. All the posts with an amazon link are informal ads for Amazon and if you click BB gets a percentage of anything you put in your shopping cart in the subsequent 24 hours and buy. Amazon links in user posts are auto converted to Amazon Affiliate links for BoingBoing, too. And all the Boing Boing store posts are actually ads for Stack Social. BB has extensive advertorial/organic advertising - which is way better for us readers than the nasty 3d party ad networks that have been browser hijacking BoingBoing reader’s browsers. I imagine you mean you don’t see those kind of ads based on using a blocker of some kind.


Don’t even hesitate. Your experience will be much more pleasant and everything will load much faster.

uBlock Origin

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Painted? I was hoping cut.



I can actually smell the scratchi-sniffiness of that tag. It smells like the early 80’s - a mix between Hubba Bubba and Strawberry Shortcake.

Another great graf writer out of Portugal with the same illusionist style, Odeith.

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