New, awful popup ads that cover images

Can something be done about this new species of popup ads on Boing Boing? On the recent post about the new Nancy comic collection, an animated ad obscured every single image in the post for several seconds, and then left an ad on the bottom quarter of each image, which has to be X’d out to view each individual picture.

I have Boing Boing whitelisted on my ad blockers, but this particular form of ad is so unfriendly that it makes me want to change that.


I have been getting redirect ads lately like, “Congratulations Samsung User!”. Super disruptive.

This is why I no longer view the main page. Just find the articles via forum threads.


Nominally, you can report such ads directly to the add vendor.

Anecdotally, I observe that if an image is less than full-width on the page, the ad inserting engine believes that it’s fair game for advertisement.

This may be exacerbated because some space is set aside in the content portion of the page for inline add that, to a less-that-sophisticated algorithm, would seem indistinguishable from intended content that happens to consist of an image.

Of course, the most annoying are the ones that start as a bottom-20-25% toast in the image, then expand (no interaction required) to play an animation in the full frame of the image, which finally resolves to a static image that doesn’t have a close option, leaving that part of the content completely obscured.

calling @orenwolf in case you haven’t seen this yet.

I also want to add I just turned off ad block to see what was up and while I am not getting ads blocking the content they do spike the processor sometimes at 100%.

I don’t mind seeing the ads but not if they do that.


Ad blocking is bliss.

If I want NASCAR I’ll go to a track.

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Adtech we use isn’t my area, sorry folks. That being said, we don’t support ads that redirect you away from our page, generate popups (interstitial or otherwise) that cover text, or Autoplay video with sound.

If you run into any of those, or otherwise see something sketchy, please report to our ad provider as noted above: (also on the footer of every page), and they’ll work to remove them. This also includes situations where the ad code is adversely affecting your system, be it enormous CPU or ads not rendering where they should.

Thanks for your help here. As a small independent publisher we don’t really have the means to test every iteration of every ad unit on every device, so getting this information to our ad partners is the surest way to have any issues corrected quickly, and we appreciate those of you who make the choice to help us do that over going the adblocker route.


This was one of the posts I tried to read today…

Not sure if this is the right place, but on the “I want nothing” post I got this malvertising ad repeatedly.


In theory, you can report that ad directly to BB’s ad vendor, per this post from @orenwolf

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These really do get read and aggregated. They’ve been a huge help in tracking down misbehaving ads. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill out even a part of that bulky form.

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