Website hijacking by advert

Couldn’t find a support page, currently on loading your site first time on ipad, i get redirected to this website(don’t click)

With no way to dismiss the page, on retyping in the boing boing address, site loads normally

I presume a shady advert on your page is to blame


ivent hit it yet, but apparently you’re not the only one.
sounds like they’re in the process of tracking it down.


It appears the PTB felt the subject strayed off topic enough to delete several posts and lock the thread. C’est la vie…

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Us, and our advertising partners, are actively working to track down this unapproved and malicious ad, but the advertiser themselves has made the process exceedingly difficult.

We regret the delay and will have it removed as quickly as possible. Thank you.


Might want to edit that to remove the clickable hyperlink. This is an example of when the normally useful Discourse autoparsing of URLs isn’t doing us a favor. You can put the URL in code tags, otherwise the autoparser is kind of aggressive and doesn’t seem to require a .TLD to be activated.


I’m glad that this bad ad is getting attention. I HATE it when web pages are hijacked this way.

It was driving me crazy.

Just want to report that it is still active. Every 2nd visit to a BoingBoing article ends up being hijacked (Mac OS, Safari).

Edit: make that every single freaking visit by now. Thank Eris I use Feedly.

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