Whole site hard to read with or without ads

I’ve been having ad problems with BoingBoing for several months. It loads super slowly, whether in Firefox or Safari, and most of the page is obscured by ads and by a “top articles” pop-up. It got so bad that I reluctantly blocked ads several weeks ago, but now the whole page jitters and jumps when the adblocker is on so that it’s difficult to read and impossible to click. I don’t have this problem with any other website. BoingBoing is one of my most frequent visits, so I would really like to be able to see it. Here’s a screenshot of what the page looks like upon (very slow) opening.


The level of garbage ads is approaching clickbait fringe sites like Breitbart.


What do you do about it? Just live with it?

I only read the forum to get the gist of an article. If it merits it, I click through to the article and live with the consequences.

A lot of folks have started doing the same. The periodic malvertising campaigns don’t help keep Ad revenue up, I am sure.


I never read the front page since the last time I was automatically forwarded and click trapped

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uBlock Origin (firefox, safari, chrome)


Or Brave.


I use the RSS feed with The Old Reader. No ads there, though you still get the shop posts

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But every page is like this. Here’s what I see when I click a random post link. It took ten seconds to load.


You’re right. Brave works much better. Hadn’t used it in a while, because it won’t play some of my streaming videos.


Lol I actually added uBlock Origin to Brave. Got my belt, and my suspenders, and my absorbent underpants with that browser.


I gave up on blog view a while ago and went to purely browsing the bbs.


If you’re up to it, putting a Pi-hole on your network works brilliantly. Then every device on your network (wifi or wired) gets DNS-based adblocking for free. It’s been super stable for me over the last year and caused almost no issues.



(The answer is ad revenue, which cratered across the entire internet in February to just 25% of 2019’s average.

BoingBoing is, as far as I can understand, a jointly owned venture by the authors.

Jason acts as the publisher/frontman, who inks licensing deals. Branded product advertisements now make up a solid chunk of revenue in the media industry and with BoingBoing’s high SEO rank, probably account for the bulk of site income.)


So my wife likes to shop online using Rokutan (formerly Ebates) and I guess the way they can give shoppers the rebates that they do, they route them through affiliate link sites that are all universally blocked by pi-hole, and no amount of pleading by me to try and convince my wife that pi-hole was a benefit to her worked. So that was the end of whole network ad-blocking at my house.


I use wipr on iOS and see no ads here. On Mac I have UBlock and a half dozen other ones running.

What drives me CRAZY are the auto playing videos at AVClub, Jezabel, etc. Nothing I’ve tried stops that shit. I used to hang out and comment at AVClub (before the Kinjapocalypse), but now I mostly avoid it because of those GODDAMN VIDEOS.


Spanfeller really is determined to ruin everything he touches.


It’s probably my fault. I made fun of the memory foam pillows with the bio-ceramic foam they were hawking. Sorry everyone.


Too many domains to add to the allowlist?

When I used to read printed newspapers, I simply avoided the ads I wasn’t interested in (which were most of them); I do that here also. The BB content I come for outweighs an ad-related nuisance. That’s just me.