Ads are ruining the BB experience

Seriously, between the intrusive autoplay ads to the banner ads at the bottom of the page that you need to close before you can navigate pages; my visits to your site has dropped from daily to weekly. Today, I get redirect ads that you can’t navigate away from. Image posted, Safari on iOS. Enjoy.


Ditch the toast for a start, please.

Somewhere on your computer you have ad spyware that activates when you hit a popular site. It’s happened to me.


I block malware vectors wherever possible.
As a weird side effect, I don’t see any ads, but I can live with that.


Umm, this is happening on my computer and my iPad and my Android phone. It’s also only happening for this site. Are you saying there is some kind of cross-platform and cross-browser malware attack that only affects Boing Boing, or is it more likely that their ad network is serving up bad ads?


Option 1: install an ad blocker. I know it’s a shitty thing to do to BB but you can make up for it by using the Amazon affiliate links or Buy From the Store™.

If you’re in iOS you can install something like 1BlockerX (which I use - it’s not free but it’s one of the best content blockers for iOS) and/or install a Pi Hole in your network and use it.

Option 2: use an alternate front end like or one of the many others. (I’m sure there’s a list somewhere.)

Option 3: use the BBS and the #boing category to read new posts (con: sometimes new articles get missed)

Option 4: use an RSS reader to consume BB

None of these are mutually exclusive.

Also if you get served with bad ads, you should report them. The site owners are just as motivated to get rid of them as you are to not see them.


This is an unapproved ad that we are attempting to track down. Our apologies, and thanks for your patience as we find and squash it.

If anyone has URL’s it’s sending you to, or more info, that would be welcome and would expedite our investigation.

We don’t approve popup (interstitial) ads, ads that take you away from BB, or ads that autoplay with sound. If you see these, send all the info you can to and we will investigate. Often these are targeted to specific regions, so we have no idea they are running in the first place.



This has been happening for a while on Safari, coming from I’ve switched to firefox. Nevermind, you’ve got that info above.

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This crappy ad is being a real motherfucker for the ad quality people to kill. The advertiser is moving networks and is a real sob.

We and they are trying.