Save me a click? (From the clickbait ads that appear on boingboing)

There’s been some good “saved you a click” pages online for those clickbait ads. Maybe we could specifically do that for these things that keep appearing on boingboing. Of course there was a recent article about how the food that dude was begging us to throw out was corn (?), and that’s an ad I see constantly on boingboing. I just spent way too long on this one only to find out it was just a series of historical photos of people like the Beatles and David Bowie and the one in the ad never came up. And there was nothing shocking or gasp worthy in any of them. The biggest waste of a click (or rather annoying series of clicks) ever.

I did a reverse image search via Google Images and TinEye and it’s… not good…

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jesus. I frigging hate these ads. I love boingboing, but its my one pet peeve that they (or their advertising partner) allow these BS clickbait ads. I mean, ads for products that might actually interest visitors to the page, fine. Amazon targeted ads, weird modern techno manipulation but basically it makes sense. these things… not so much.

Watch this space.


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