Bup Stop


A double-decker bup, no less!


Well, is that skill specified in the job description?


You see? You see? Government employees can’t do ANYTHING right! See, they made a mistake! And they probably have salaries, and even benefits!

Unless this function of government has already been outsourced to the private sector, in which case, hey, nobody’s perfect. Are you?


Ah the Western Daily Press, such a gripping feature of my youth.

Road painters just wanted to let everyone know that there is a pub very near to the bus stop.


My guess is they misplaced the stencil for the P in STOP and painted it. But once painted, they probably do not have the equipment to strip it off.

So they finished painting the rest of markings or they were already done with that part, and then moved on.

Could very well be the removal of the P is already scheduled as is the proper painting of the S.

Funny to look at, but not a big deal.

One of my favorite pop hits from the 1960s, so thanks for that not-unwanted earworm.

Yeah, I didn’t notice the extra “p” until reading the thread. So sue me.


Someone needs to jump on this lickety-split and claim it is part of an insidious viral marketing campaign. (This will be the way of the future.)

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Have you ever hand-lettered posters? It is very easy to concentrate so much on the shapes you forget the spelling. Here’s a video of the same lettering being done right…

These people are not issued with a giant eraser, or a huge bottle of black Tipp-Ex. If you screw up you probably have to get another team with a blowtorch to take it off. Seems like they did the right thing by completing the lower word.


You had one job.

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I’ll admit, I am certainly not perfect - when I first scrolled down, I read both the headline and the yellow text on the road as “Bus Stop” at least twice each, and only when I read the commentary below the image did I catch the typo.

The human brain is good at seeing patterns and filling in blanks - meaning we see what we expect to see. I saw a picture of a bus next to road lettering that looks an awful lot like “Bus Stop”, so my brain overlooked the typo entirely. Perhaps this was in part because P and S are similarly shaped, or perhaps that the P is repeated at the end of the line of text just below it - but ultimately it was because from the context I was expecting to see “Bus Stop”, so that’s what I “saw”.

“But how could anyone miss this while painting it out?” people will ask incredulously, but really, I can see exactly how this would be missed - especially if the letters were painted using stencils rather than by hand, and if they painted “Stop” before they painted “Bup”.

Cider is a hell of a drink…


Someone needs to take responsibility. The bup stops here!

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I take the bup all the time. Doesn’t everyone? So where’s the problem?

My brain still managed to turn it into “bus stop” and I had to really look at the pic and realize what was wrong… :-/

Photophopped. I can tell by the pixelp.


It’s PUB POTS backwards! Maybe it’s Bristolian for large glasses of beer.



I’ll take typos over deliberately writing the words in the wrong order.