Brave or foolish? Man installs air conditioner on high balcony

Every part of my body that is retractable did so upon watching that.


I came to complain about the aspect ratio of the initial video, but didn’t expect to have my eyes assaulted in the comments, as well.

In socks! This is why statistically women live longer.


This made the bottoms of my feet hurt something awful.

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What kind of backpack has straps that go down to the crotch and around the thighs? It is a harness.

Do you think woman can do gutsy things too?

If so, and if it’s not big balls that help them do it (because you know, women don’t have balls), then what is it instead that you think helps them do it?

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I think there’s a line in an L7 song about that.

(I also wasn’t really impressed with the ladders.)


Meh, he’s wearing the same arrest harness I use. He’d still get hurt pretty bad if he fell, but this is in brave not foolish territory.

Or, alternatively, he might just be fearless.


Adamantium ovaries.


Yah he has harness, but it appears to be secured to the fixture holding the AC unit that he’'s having difficulty getting past to install the one he’s holding.

Still in “Both” territory.

A. You can’t (probably should not) trust that fixture to hold if you didn’t install it yourself.

B. His tether is attached to the fixture, and is over the top of the AC unit, then to his harness So if he does slip, he might inadvertatly feed himself that AC unit. Even if the fixture can hold him his weight may pull off the AC unit itself.

C. Socks!? And those pants…stepping on your own pants doesn’t generally help your balance.

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But still someone will still say he makes too much money.

I am a mechanic whose job puts me in dangerous situations fairly regularly. I also belong to an organization that has a large number of engineers who often made disparaging remarks about how much I am paid. Many years ago I was relating a story that I was called out on an emergency call at 2 AM, and I found myself on a roof in a pouring rainstorm working on a condenser that cooled a hospital’s data room. Because of the nature of the equipment it could not be shut down at that time, so I had to reach into a live 480 Volt panel and remove the wires that were connected to a failing motor that threatened to take the entire system down if the motor completely failed. I donned all the safety gear available but it was still extremely dangerous.

After I finished the story, one of the guys says “I wouldn’t do that for a million dollars”. I said Yeah, but you will still begrudge me my $35 dollars an hour. I am paid 1/3 for what I know, and 2/3 because you don’t want to do what I do.

A joke in our industry is, there is a mechanic out on a roof sweating in the 100 degree heat. An office worker sees him and makes a big sign that says " IT’S 72 DEGREES IN HERE". The mechanic sees him and writes his own sign. IT’S $50 DOLLARS AN HOUR OUT HERE.


That’s a whole lot of nope right there. I get all shaky up 20 ft on a roof! Forget that, I’m paying someone to handle that kind of job!

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I don’t see anything seriously wrong it it. The balcony looks stable. The guy isn’t just going to fall. It doesn’t really matter how high the balcony is. A fall from a lower height would kill you faster. A safety harness might be a good idea though.

He’s wearing one.

I didn’t notice it but I did see others commenting on it. For me the people reacting in horror at this are driven by their irrational fears more than anything else.

Did you just look at the still, or the animated image in the Imgur link? (It’s more obvious in the animated image.)

It looked like he was just wearing a back pack but looking closely I can now see the part of the harness near his crotch.

It’s a bit hard to make out, as the video’s not of high quality. It’s really hard to tell what he’s tethered too as well. In any case a fall looks survivable. It wouldn’t be “clean” though , and I’d expect some injuries.

This is not a one-man job. Go up on the roof and winch the AC unit down the airshaft to where a second guy is waiting. Even if this guy is strapped in it’s a stupid way to go about it.


Damn. Beat me to it.

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