Gentleman jumps from balcony with parachute he bought online as wife and kid cry


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Was plan b to land in the pool?


Would have this have been less ill advised had he one of them there store bought parachutes?


I really didn’t think this was going to work out. I thought parachutes needed more than the ten or so feet it took to deploy here.



Dick move making the family cry. He’s lucky it worked.

  1. i’m stunned they so casually let him do this, and
  2. i’m stunned he made it.

then again, i’m sure BB wouldn’t be posting it if he hadn’t. :confused:


If I worked in a high rise I’d have one of those under my desk just in case.


I can’t decide whether it’s better for your family to be in tears, or shrugging and saying “if that’s what you want to do, then you should go ahead”


Great. It worked.

Now we know what he’ll be doing repeatedly for the rest of the summer.


Oh, we’re out of milk? No worries.


That was uncomfortable. I’m glad it worked out.


I think the problem is that high-rise buildings tend to be next to other high buildings, and the wind around them is unpredictable, so there are a lot of scenarios where you end up (a) re-entering the burning building, at 70mph, through a window, on the floor where the fire is; or (b) suspended 100ft above the pavement with massive internal injuries.

If it was going to come to that, I’d rather have a rope.


Nah. He’s going to be renting out both the parachute and balcony to all his friends. Cha-ching!


His wife clearly didn’t want him to. His buddies on the other hand didn’t seem to realize how stupid this was and that he could have easily died. Not sure if he’s lucky to be alive or not… but just remember. This guy is out there having kids.


When I read this… I thought it was going to be related to the hi-rise fire in the UK. I was like damn that’s cold. like wouldn’t he give his kid the parachute?


You’re presuming:

  1. Parachutes bought online have the same failure rates
  2. He knows how to repack it properly
  3. He can consistently deploy the parachute

Another musing:

Gentleman jumps from balcony with parachute he bought online as _soon to be ex-_wife and kid cry


Conversely, it working means his wife and kids can kick his ass.


What’s the force of gravity on their planet?


The only reason it worked in such a short space is because he had pre-deployed the drogue chute.