Why did the 9/11 'falling man' image disappear?


I don’t understand, how has it been erased from public view? It shows right up when you do a Google image search.

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Yes but it’s not being relentlessly hyped by the media, and therefore doesn’t exist.


I’m pretty sure the black border 9/11 issue of Time magazine contained pictures of jumpers.

They were some of the saddest images I’ve seen. I even watched The Bridge.

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I don’t even understand why people want to censor it. The ugly parts of history are the most important to remember IMO. Just imagine if people had done this to Holocaust images - too hard to look at? You should be looking.


Watch The Falling Man - it’s a great doco.

After seconds of difficult and technical internet trawling I was able to find the picture in question on a little-known website.

If you don’t mind squinting at a tiny thumbnail, Huffpo has a barely acceptable 1080x785 version.


Commercial media exists to remind us we are inadequate and going to die someday soon of something unlikely. Unless we buy the right toothpaste.

I don’t think that the falling man sells much washing powder.

I think the falling man makes me ponder what I actually need, and how valuable my time actually is.

That’s not good for business (unless you’re a church).


Stop wasting my time with all these damn words and tell me what toothpaste I need to buy already!


The film is quietly powerful…thank you.

I think this is probably the best way to summarize the why of this question

Now I need to go curl up in a depression-ball

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I was just thinking about toothpaste. I was thinking way backa when, people probably had local formulations of toothpaste. And now, it’s all J&J, P&G, Unilever, etc. But nobody gets rich off toothpaste. You don’t hear of toothpaste barons pillaging the countryside. It was just never that big of a deal. Like lawn darts or Napster or No Fear clothes. Toothpaste isn’t hot, like iPhones or Crocs. I think that’s why I like toothpaste. Because it’s gerrymandered. Just seeing if people are even reading and paying attention.


I am, awjt. I am.

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At the time - during and immediately after the events of 9/11 - it was just too much. The country was too much in shock. Journalists, editors, newspeople, were also (obviously) people affected by the tragedy - they just all couldn’t do it. They decided it was too much, based on gauging their own raw personal response to it.

Also, Xeni, I liked you pixelating it - lowering the resolution kind of softens the blow for those of us affected.


Could you pixellate the depleted uranium please? The unborn children of Iraq will thank you.


PS these photos were all running for weeks following 9/11.


Yeah, I don’t expect you to understand. Typical cynical reaction.

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Well, the PS was to correct your first suggestion that newspapers didn’t run these. They did. A lot.

And the first bit was to request that you have some perspective. 9/11 was a terrible day that was perpetrated by fucking scumbags. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s occurrence was used as the basis for waging years of war on an entirely unassociated country, using munitions that are proving themselves to kill and maim well after they were used.


At some point, even if it is too much at the time, you must revisit events honestly and with your eyes open.

I’m not saying it doesn’t suck, on the contrary, it does. However, closing your eyes and covering your ears is not the way to deal with reality (especially horrible reality).


Yes, I full well know this. “Perspective”, my ass. I have way more than you.

Yes, but what the FUCK does this have to do with the publishing or the not publishing of the Falling Man photo? NOTHING.

And yes, I was vehemently against the war as soon as they were making overtures into going into Iraq. BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

I was outraged that the events of 9/11 were used to get the country involved in invading Iraq.

You need to separate the two – in short, you need to get some perspective. The problems / ambivalency / decision to publish the Falling Man photo had nothing to do with your point that the US used the events to invade Iraq. They are two totally separate events. Why on earth are you linking them? The decision to publish or not publish the Falling Man photo has nothing to do with us invading Iraq. For you to link the two makes no sense. Perspective. You need to separate the two and realize that one has nothing to do with the other. Understanding THAT is having some perspective.


Toothpaste is a nice little money earner for the pharma companies. And then all this lies about having to look after your teeth. I haven’t used toothpaste for years and i drink my food just fine.


The guy who incorrectly claims stuff about historical events has better perspective than me? Mine is based in facts at least.