Cabin video from Dubai crash landing: "Leave the bags!"

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“Leave the bags.”

“Sorry, Mother-in-Law, they said you old bags have to stay.”

I keed! I keed!

Glad everyone made it out ok.


how in the heck did this person film all this without dropping his/her phone??

Those are two of the big difficulties in emergency aircraft emergencies…People slow the process down to grab their shit. And the fact that the aircraft can only be evacuated quickly if people literally JUMP onto the evacuation slide, which goes against their instinct. if people sit down on the edge and slid down as they would on a playground slide it takes MUCH longer to evacuate the plane…




Me too, unfortunately there was one fatality:

Airline chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum said a Dubai firefighter died while trying to put out the flames.


“Mother always wanted to see the inside of a burning airplane.”


Death means nothing! I shall be trending on Twitter!


And now we got douchnozzles filming it, adding another layer to this tragic onion.

If I am ever in an emergency evacuation, I am going to find the first person filming the thing, and then film them so I can show the world how stupid this behavior is.


And then I’d film you for being so petty in an emergency, then some hipster would “ironically” film me, then we’d all die richly deserved deaths with phones in our hands.


So it goes.


What the hell is wrong with people that they would take their stuff with them in a life and death situation such as a burning plane. I get that people won’t be thinking that the evacuation slides will be used and that you cannot take luggage down on them; but the plane is burning and the cabin is filling with smoke. This is not a time to grab stuff. You get your ass on that evac slide.

Rant over, I guess I understand that people have an attachment to their stuff; I sure as hell don’t want any of my stuff to just burn. That and most people don’t know how serious a fire on a plane is (even thought that should be a common sense thing, you’re in a metal tube, if tube fills with smoke that makes you very dead). And it’d be useless to tell them “leave your stuff” behind because they’d just then argue with you about how they aren’t going to leave their stuff. All I can do to keep my ass safe is to try and sit as close to an exit row as I can and be seated in less-dense areas of the plane if I can (that plane on fire? I’m going to Mario on you if you’re in my way!).

“Check out my footage of this guy filming this other guy” - guy who filmed you.


People go into autopilot - its the same thing that means in a fire alarm you will tend to try to exit the way you entered rather than taking another route which might be quicker. Its also why first aid and rescue skills are worth practicing so you go into autopilot - you don’t have the mentalncapacity under that stress to think “what do I do now”


Having been through document hell, I can honestly say that I would probably risk burning to death to get my passport. Of course, having been through document hell, I also check to ensure my passport is on my person every twenty seconds when I travel.

My laptop and everything else can go to hell though.


… as I climb over their burning body.

Sorry. You get between me and the way out of a burning airplane, you don’t even have one second-- I will do the right thing and throw you down the slide, but if you won’t go right this instant, I’m going over you or through you.


At some level we have a big internal bias to treat everything as business as normal. So the most common reaction in emergencies is to directly from “not taking the whole thing seriously enough,” directly to “mindless panic” without passing through serious but calm in between. The problem with people slowing down evacuations bye grabbing stuff or sitting down on the slide is not that they are risking their lives it is that they are risking the lives of the people behind them. The plane can go from “I guess we have to leave” to “ZOMG I’m on fire!” in seconds. Getting as many people out BEFORE that moment is CRITICAL.


While it certainly doesn’t make sense to take your bags in a case like this I can certainly understand why people would.

The basic problem is that if you leave them you’ll probably never see them again, or at least anything valuable that was in them, and that you’re unlikely to see any compensation for the missing stuff.

I think the only real fix is for the airlines to take baggage security seriously.

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nod, yeah that’s why when I travel internationally I have my passport in my pocket or in my handbag. That way I can quickly grab it and leave everything else behind.

Although I do have one exception to bags, that is if you have a pet carrier with you. Then you may take that (although that should be under the seat in front of you and not in the overhead).

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Yeah, and as I said, no one knows very much about how you get out of an airplane in an evacuation. Those slides do not accomodate taking bags with and you may tear the slide (causing severe injury) if you do try and do something stupid like take a rollabord bag with you.

My plan, in general, is to have as few people between me and the exits as to not have to deal with their shit.