Watch: Impatient man on long flight walks on wing of plane after escaping through emergency exit


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When you gotta go, you gotta go.



Seriously? Wow, waiting 30 minutes on a plane? Who ever heard of such a thing? Obviously he could’nt jump down off the plane without possibly injuring himself, so it was all for not. He’s lucky this occurred in Europe. I think in the U.S. he would have been arrested and probably beaten to within an inch of his life.


I hope it was worth being an impatient douche bag for him.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the plane has to be taken out of service once the emergency exit door has been opened/removed.


What? The plane was still on the ground? Weak sauce.


Why not, we’re not talking a B-36 here. And the word is “naught”, as in “it was all for naught”. Don’t use phrases you don’t really understand.

I do hope they charge him the cost of having the emergency door recertified and the loss of revenue they experience while this is done. You don’t just slip those doors back into place and go back to flying.


What I don’t get is why people stand in line to leave the plane in the first place. I simply stay seated until it is my turn. Even more ridiculous is when people in window seats stand waiting with their necks bent at an uncomfortable, sharp angle because of the overhead locker. Why don’t they just sit back down?


Noughty! Are they knot using it wright? O-deer.


I typically prefer to stay seated as well, but the few times i do kind of get up from my seat are the times i just physically need to get up. I get real antsy and anxious while traveling, its worse on long flights (the flying itself is fine for me, it’s the airport business that i hate).

Somewhat related, ONCE i boarded and debarked a plane that was using both front and back doors. Getting in and out of the plane was super fast and i don’t understand why that isn’t a standard thing.


I’ve been on a RyanAir flight. He was probably just trying to get away from the flight attendant-slash-salespeople trying to sell him watches and perfume and lottery tickets.


Lighten up. No need to be such a pre-madonna.


For all in-tents and porpoises we understand what he meant


Thanks Jim for the grammar lesson. I have only written four novels and working on my fifth, but you learn something every day from smart ass’s on blogs.


In his defense, it was a RyanAir plane.


Sometimes we take what we know for granite. It’s a doggy dog whirled out there, but as long as people understand what you’re saying you’re scotch-free.

(i can’t stop, help)


Stop and visualise whirled peas.


I think you mean for all intensive purposes.


You will rouge the day correcting me!