Airline etiquette

Counterpoint: I choose an aisle seat as far forward in the plane so I can exit quickly. Why can’t all aisle seats be let off first, and then middle and window? If I can stand up in my aisle seat, with my bag that I’ve tucked under the seat in front of me and a straight shot down the aisle to the exit, I shouldn’t have to wait for the person in the window seat 10 rows ahead of me who won’t even be able to make it to the position I’m in right now without waiting for up to two other people to get out.

The whole “row by row” exit strategy is bullshit.


In your scenario, you’re already going you have to wait for all the other aisle seat people in front of you anyway, so why not just go row by row? It’s not that much longer.
Wait your turn.


Children, those who are elderly, disabled, or need assistance to plane / deplane, and the fact that we can’t get people in many parts of the world to respect their boarding groups, let alone the seat-type method.


Because you exist in a society, and not a vacuum, yes, you should. It’s for everyone’s general safety; close cramped quarters are not ideal for crowding.

If a person is that impatient to deboard, then I suggest maybe spending the extra money for private flights.


Manners cost nothing, wait your turn.


Counterpoint: people in middle and aisle seats already know they have to wait for aisle people to clear out, so it’s not that much longer. Stay in your window or middle seats, and wait your turn after the aisle seats clear.

That doesn’t make any sense: “Close cramped quarters are not ideal for crowding” is a truism, not an argument.

I’m not suggesting I should be crashing down the aisle, shoving fellow aisle passengers out of the way on my crazed rush off the plane. I’m saying aisles first, then middles, then windows is a perfectly orderly and efficient method of deplaning* that should be the norm.

  • As evidenced by the fact that’s the way numerous airlines stagger things to load the plane in the first place.

Yes, theoretically Aisle-middle-window is slightly faster because it is more efficient to have the all aisle people unloading the bins at the same time. People in the back of the plane are not waiting for window seaters in the front to get their bag. But as a practical matter, that breaks up families with children sitting together, so it is not going to happen. In a real sense it generally just isn’t worth getting very bent out of shape because the differences between optimum and sub-optimum solutions are so small compared to the time in flight. But people get very motivated to DO something because they are close to a waypoint in their journey and suddenly they CAN do something instead of sitting passively in their seat.


Counterpoint: if you want to talk about how burdened you are having to wait a few extra minutes to get off a plane because society happens to be set up in a way you don’t like, shouldn’t you make your own topic? This one is about some poor flight attendant who got attacked, not about you.


I agree: mind your manners, and wait your turn. Stay in your middle or window seat while the people who have chosen the advantage of the aisle seat quickly exit, leaving more time and space for you to lug yourself and your stuff out of the middle or window location you’ve chosen for reasons other than being able to exit efficiently.

Nah, here’s fine. Obviously, flight attendant should never have been attacked, “self defense” is a laughably bad excuse that will never hold up, and attacker should be charged and found guilty of a felony.

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By all means, let’s split up people who are flying together, including families with children, for your convenience.


@Karyudo Since the comment I quote above, you’ve repeated - yet again - your argument, as if we don’t get it.
I guess you always travel alone. Try travelling with a partner in the seat next to you or a partner and a child, or you and two young children. Happy to let the kids get off the plane alone after or before you? Do you get it now?


Actually, what you wrote is what “doesn’t make any sense.”

Per your own scenario:

You’re in aisle 10 ‘all ready to go’, but you honestly think that you can move faster than everyone who’s seated 9 rows ahead of you, in an area that is intentionally designed to limit movement?

Even if they employed your method of going by aisles, then middles, then window seats, it’s still implausible, given how bad most people are at following directions and moving expediently.

It all seems unlikely, no matter how quickly you think you can move.

Your argument is a selfish and illogical one, and not likely to gain any traction here, no matter how many times you reiterate it.


It just fucking sucks, doesn’t it, having to wait a few minutes more and then get stuck with the same people queueing at immigration because they walked past you on the concourse.
Life’s a bitch.


Or the same people on the bus at the bottom of the steps, because your airline is too cheap to pay for a slot at the terminal.

Ha! Well said.
In a strictly logistical way, I also think the deplaning method in the US is ridiculous. But I hadn’t considered the implications of potentially splitting up groups traveling together.
In the moment, it feels silly to be standing there, ready to go, and wait for people ahead of you who haven’t gotten ready. I remember MythBusters did an episode about efficient boarding, and when I flew a lot for work, I wished they would do one about efficient deplaning.
But I hate flying now anyway, so why not hate it and be polite and patient? Might as well.
It would be a nice touch if they’d play some kind of meditative sound during the deplaning.
I hope I don’t have to fly anytime soon.
And back to the topic at hand - it sucks that this happened.
I hope this is compels some very large-scale worker strikes to push back against this insanity and move toward better working conditions overall.


It’s annoying, but so is pretty much everything dealing with moving large masses of other people from one place to another.

It’s rather telling if someone is more concerned about their own personal gripes (which are a minor annoyance at best) than they are with a heinous physical assault.


Yup. Remember the attendant who, upon landing, grabbed a couple beers and pulled the emergency slide because some passengers were rude? That seems so innocent and care-free compared to what the workers are having to deal with now.
And it just didn’t have to be this way. The whole politicizing of public health measures is infuriating.


The time to get off the plane isn’t the only time suck. It’s also the time walking (briskly vs. meanderingly) to Customs and Immigration, and the time in C&I lineups. I choose “forward aisle” so I can optimize the “waiting in line” part of the total trip time that can be optimized. I assume people who choose window or middle do so for reasons other than efficiency. So I don’t think my opinion is out of line.

Families with children who have somebody on the aisle don’t have to exit as part of the “aisle first” strategy—in fact, that’s a class of people who probably should stick around to deplane near-last, so they have the most space and least stress of other people waiting bearing on them.