This $300,000 Air Force One photo caused a panic in 2009


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It’s not Air Force One if the president isn’t on it.




It is shocking how expensive it is to fly those jets.


Panic? Really? If so why?


a large passenger jet flying low towards lower manhattan? not ringing any bells?


The “from the ground” video is actually Jersey City NJ. The big billboard looking structure there is this:


How old are you?


Because it wasn’t just a large jet flying low over the Statue of Liberty and the area near the WTC, it was the fact that it was a large jet flying low slowly over the WTC area being chased by two fucking jets.

We hadn’t seen that in eight years and frankly, once had been enough for everyone around here, thank you. Get your photo ops in front of Mount Rushmore.


Even though I am now reminded of the incident to which you allude I think that panic is a pointless and counterproductive reaction. That one or more individuals should panic is understandable but for people in charge to do so is likely to cause more harm than good. Unless you can predict accurately where such an airliner is going to hit running around like a headless chicken just causes more danger to oneself and others not less.

People on the street began screaming and running for cover, and some buildings in NYC immediately issued evacuation orders.

So individuals ran for cover while building managers ordered people out from cover.


Dude, just stop.


It’s an irrational reaction. That’s why they call it “panic.”


Also, tall buildings in a city where tall buildings were specifically attacked, (and the people therein died horribly) having safety procedures to get people out of tall buildings when a rogue plane approaches low, seems, well, understandable, considering.


I understand how they feel. Ever since 9/11 and long after I moved from NYC, the roar of military jets flying overhead still gives me flashbacks. I can imagine what this would have done to my nerves.


If more people just kept better track of where their towels were, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.


Popo, zat chew?


If only White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera had thought to use Photoshop.


…not to mention all the costs associated with starting a mass panic.

That’s not too expensive in New York City. They’re accustomed to mass hysteria.


Y’know how many copies of Photoshop you can get for $300,000?


We are a distributed being.

I lived in NYC in the early naughties and my appraisal of the 2009 panic was indeed not dissimilar. There is never a good reason for panic. But that’s what you get when you condition your populace to feel deeply attached to certain specific outcomes. Compassion through reason never goes out of style.