Real-life Photoshop: artists repaint graffiti-tagged stuff to look deleted


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Way cool.

Poor (what I think is a) Lada, though. They take so much abuse.




My eyes



Article says it’s a Moskvitch. Looks like a Moskvitch 412:


Two things;

  1. Why delete graffiti?
  2. It looks a little confusing from every other angle, doesn’t it?
    … cool projection technique though.

I once did something view point specific, but I used a guy pointing at a diagram.
It was kinda’ lame, the way I did that.


I kind of liked before better.


I dunno, that all looks like it could actually increase its value.


That pleases me.


View-dependent “Camera projection,” pleasing crowds for over 100 years


an organic cultural expression sanitized to make it more acceptable to the dominator culture? what website am i on again? smh tbh, fam


To be fair, graffiti has been sanitized for a while now.


Ha! touche.


The risk that your graffiti might get painted over with someone else’s graffiti more or less comes with the territory of the art form.


Just the thing that paranoid “we’re in a simulation” types need to see.

In the movie The Matrix, they should have ignored the deja-cat. The floor was the big tip-off that someone was cutting and pasting.


That’s a fair point well taken.

  1. If you dont approve, just press ⌘Z.


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