UK gov't wants to ban dirty words in UK domain names; tell them to #$@* off


People simply don’t like being forced to have good manners.


They will have to appoint someone to make sure certain words aren’t being used for other purposes, and continually have to check that is about abnormally large birds and that remains about law-skirting dogs.


Why the coy headline? If the intention is to tell them to “fuck off”, then why self-censor? Curious.

Anyway. Look at the past few (hundred) stories about on-line bullying or whatever and I don’t think any of them involved websites with naughty words in the address.

I’m all for promoting decency, literacy, good manners and elevating on-line discussion in the UK, but maybe we should look at that after sorting out the economy and getting everyone back into work.

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After the hugely successful Wars on Drugs and Privacy, brave Dave Cameron is not afraid to embark on the War on Naughtiness. All hail our leader.


All of the good ones are already taken. :frowning:

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The use of “#£@*”, instead of fuck, completely undermines the statement. By self-censoring, you are demonstrating that it ‘should’ be censored.


Am I really the first to mention the Scunthorpe problem?


thanks for highlighting this Cory, what a pointless policy, I want the job where I get to decide on what pointless thing we need to study next…

responded, seriously unless they are removing these words from the dictionary what do they think they are achieving ?

Fuck, don’t remind me. I was working for DEFRA round that time. All those stories are true…

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Department for Culture, Media & Sport = Ministry for Pearl-Clutching, Shrieking & Dingbattery.

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I just wonder, did they already noticed that their own domain name already contains “dirty word” minet (aka blowjob)?.. =)

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Why the coy headline? If the intention is to tell them to “fuck off”,
then why self-censor? Curious.

It’s called irony.


I guess I’d better hurry up and register

TIL that when talking about British obfuscated swear words, the special characters must include the pound sign.

Ha, I bet is sponsoring the protest.

So basically we just need to Santorum British members of parliament so that they can’t use their own names in domain sites.

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Do you mean ‘#’ or ‘£’?

The latter. The former is called “hash”.

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Correct :slight_smile: