Great Firewall of Cameron blocks game update because "XerathMageChainsExtended" contains "sex"




Ah, clbuttic!


Good old naive substring matching… Very '90s.


In other news, the UK government can no longer admit to the existence of the town of Scunthorpe in any official documentation


Probably can never report on happenings in Dildo, Newfoundland, either. Or Fucking, in Austria.


Better not try to buy a pen from either.


It is a system that is intended to make it impossible to tell if it’s working.

It’s kinda worse than that - “file not found” makes it seem like the hosting page has made a mistake. Not only is he - Cameron (it’s his firewall, so morally he owns all the fuck ups) - denying responsibility, he’s actually trying to blame innocent parties for his own fuck ups.

What an utter shit.


How are Austrians going to find out about the Fucking weather or even what the Fucking traffic is like back home home now?


It reminds me of when my Spanish teacher had an email to a student blocked and someone had a word with her about school policy because the email contained the word ‘negro’.


Yeah, bad enough that the censorship exists, but that it’s creating issues that make it seem like someone else has fucked up is infuriating. If they actually said, “We’re censoring this result,” I suspect there would be substantially less support for the censorship scheme than by just having nebulous problems that seem to be due to content provider server issues.


I was wondering about pages related to all the place names that have “sex” in them. For example, the Essex County Council. Have they been specifically whitelisted? What if they miss some?



I’m not sure if you quite understand how this thing works. There’s no “if” about it.


Something else just occurred to me: why is the word “sex” taboo in the first place? Just how absurdly puritanical is this firewall?


That should be Camoron’s election slogan



I don’t know what all the fuss is about. You shouldn’t be playing games anyway. Computers are serious machines and should be used for serious stuff like doing your homework and your tax returns. And if you’re an adult you should be using them to keep an eye on your servants and your tradesman’s entrances.


Along the same lines… there was a time for my company for at least six months when you couldn’t download Google Earth through our firewall – the connection was simply dropped halfway through the large download.

The root cause? A malware detection rule that flagged any PNG file (contained in any larger package) produced by libpng, which is practically a core component of any modern Unix system. We get a huge pile of these rules from our firewall vendor on some kind of subscription basis, and “facepalm” doesn’t quite describe my reaction when I figured out the scope of this particular bone-headed rule.


Surely it’s keeping an eye on other folks’ tradesmen’s entrances that is causing the problem…


So the naughty firewall is in place? Must only be for new connections because it’s blocking none of the filth I watch online.

Also, if the porn filter is stopping kids from playing League of Legends… is that a bad thing?


That’s actually a heck of a lot of places in England.

Wessex, Essex, Sussex, The Sex Shop at 1 Wardour St.

Does it also capture “Bieber’s ex”? That’ll cause problems for the glitzmags.