CCC website censored in the UK


Not blocked for me…

Respected political analysys? There’s your problem right there.

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Works for me too via sky connection

Isn’t this exactly how the filters are supposed to work?

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Arguably, anyone who thinks that the great firewall of Cameron is a good idea and thinks that the CCC aren’t extremists is ideologically incoherent.

This does not reflect well on those people, judging a man by the quality of his enemies and all that; but this seems like a ‘this behavior is by design’ outcome.


Works OK for me. I’m on BT and have disabled filtering.

It’s not blocked for anyone, unless you’re using Three or Vodafone, as its on their default “adult content” block lists (which of course you can turn off). Nothing to do with the government.

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False alarm. Pitch forks down lads and lassies and everything in between

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