Find out if your favourite sites are blocked in the UK


Cool, maybe I can finally find out what on Earth “esoteric content” is meant to refer to. (content: politics, esoteric, psychedelics) is blocked by TalkTalk (World Socialist Web Site, content: politics) is blocked by BT

They fact i’m finding a VPN subscription essential nowadays for me in the UK is very depressing :frowning:

It’s important to remember that most ISPs will turn filters off if you ask them. Where it’s creepy is that they are on by default. There should be a mass campaign against censorship with everyone asking for the filters to be turned off.

Huh. When I first heard about them blocking ‘esoteric content’ I made jokes about the government being worried about a resurgence of the Order of the Golden Dawn.

By the look of it, that is what they’re worried about.

2 Likes (content: drugs) is blocked by all providers except for Andrews & Arnold and Plusnet. (content: drugs) is blocked by all providers except for Andrews & Arnold, Plusnet and TalkTalk

Andrews & Arnold and Plusnet are the only ones that don’t seem to do any blocking at all.

I just connected to both of those through BT. Seems a bit inconsistent. Piratebay obviously blocked, but a lot that seem to say are blocked on the site I have been able to visit without a proxy.

Just chiming in to say that Eclipse aren’t blocking 'owt as far as I can tell.

This is checking the “Think of the Children” censorship filters that are promoted by the government.

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No-one seems to be blocking any of the anarchist/libertarian-communist sites that I checked…

Erowid’s fine on Virgin as well.

Both fine through Virgin.

Am I missing something? i cant see what sites are being blocked. Or is this another case of torturing the poor sod on a mobile phone?

I live in an area which is currently part of the UK.
And I moved house recently, which meant that a change of broadband provider was required.

These filters aren’t on for me, and weren’t even mentioned when I signed up to my new provider. Which means either:
a) The filers are supposedly implemented but the providers are just completely ignoring the law.
b) The Implementation of the censorwall is suffering Brazil-level incompetence and dysfunction.

Either way, things aren’t going well.

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