Find out if your favourite sites are blocked in the UK




Cool, maybe I can finally find out what on Earth "esoteric content" is meant to refer to.

#3 (content: politics, esoteric, psychedelics) is blocked by TalkTalk (World Socialist Web Site, content: politics) is blocked by BT


They fact i'm finding a VPN subscription essential nowadays for me in the UK is very depressing frowning


It's important to remember that most ISPs will turn filters off if you ask them. Where it's creepy is that they are on by default. There should be a mass campaign against censorship with everyone asking for the filters to be turned off.


Huh. When I first heard about them blocking 'esoteric content' I made jokes about the government being worried about a resurgence of the Order of the Golden Dawn.

By the look of it, that is what they're worried about.

#8 (content: drugs) is blocked by all providers except for Andrews & Arnold and Plusnet. (content: drugs) is blocked by all providers except for Andrews & Arnold, Plusnet and TalkTalk

Andrews & Arnold and Plusnet are the only ones that don't seem to do any blocking at all.


I just connected to both of those through BT. Seems a bit inconsistent. Piratebay obviously blocked, but a lot that seem to say are blocked on the site I have been able to visit without a proxy.


Just chiming in to say that Eclipse aren't blocking 'owt as far as I can tell.


This is checking the "Think of the Children" censorship filters that are promoted by the government.


No-one seems to be blocking any of the anarchist/libertarian-communist sites that I checked..


Erowid's fine on Virgin as well.


Both fine through Virgin.


Am I missing something? i cant see what sites are being blocked. Or is this another case of torturing the poor sod on a mobile phone?


I live in an area which is currently part of the UK.
And I moved house recently, which meant that a change of broadband provider was required.

These filters aren't on for me, and weren't even mentioned when I signed up to my new provider. Which means either:
a) The filers are supposedly implemented but the providers are just completely ignoring the law.
b) The Implementation of the censorwall is suffering Brazil-level incompetence and dysfunction.

Either way, things aren't going well.


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