UK censorwall will also block "terrorist content," "violence," "circumvention tools," "forums," and more




What the hell is “esoteric material”??


basically anything that doesnt fall into the other categories the Daily Fail don’t like


But the UK Open Rights Group have been talking with whistleblowers

Woah, woah, woah. Whistleblowers? Who are these degenerates and why haven’t they been put in jail yet?


the internet


Anything with skeletons. Just ask Chinese WoW players.


Will there be a box to tick for blocking political drivel?


I think you meant “will attempt to block”


Asking that you want to receive ‘Terror’ related material might get you on a ‘Keep An Eye On This One’ list. But most of these kind of fall into the with us or against us line of thinking now doesn’t it.


No boxes for malware, viruses, spam??


Pretty sure the various governments around the world are having a contest to see who can piss off the greatest percentage of their citizens without actually inciting riots.

It’s the only rational explanation I can come up with anyway.

(the prize for victory is a completely submissive population)


I wonder if esoteric is a typo for ‘erotic’, because Wikipedia and reddit are about as esoteric as sites come.


Well, if anything is actually capable of inciting riots at this point, it’s probably losing access to internet porn.


Will someone please tell the govt. of the UK that “1984” wasn’t an instruction manual. And tell that to the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court while your at it.


What the hell is “esoteric material”??

That means they fear what they don’t understand.

Pretty fitting.


Will there be a box to tick for blocking political drivel?

Don’t worry, that will be covered within the box for political speech in general.


If this does go through, I sure hope I can subscribe to a mailing list of every site deemed ‘esoteric!’


“Will block” might be right. Maybe if you check all those boxes then you just don’t get any internet at all.


I assume that if you block suicide and eating disorder related sites then it blocks all sites that explain these issues, give advice about them, or help people try to cope with them.


Do streaming videos of football matches (where players sometimes violently collide and spectators occasionally act violently and inappropriately to one another) count as “violent content” (or “sexual content”, if say one of the female fans flashes her breasts?) I believe it does. Imagine the reaction to the message “Per Prime Minister Cameron’s initiative (not sure what it would be called) this World Cup match is unavailable due to ‘violent content.’”