UK censorwall will also block "terrorist content," "violence," "circumvention tools," "forums," and more

If it includes “alcohol”, doesn’t that mean every supermarket needs to be blocked?

It wouldn’t surprise me- my perfectly innocuous videogames blog used to be blocked by- cough- “a popular mobile phone network” for “alcohol”.

Not only that but the Daily Mail and The Sun would have to go off the internet.

this is a very good point, blocking sites that might HELP people thinking about suicide is basically just telling them “go kill yourself”

it’s actually rather sick

that might help people, this isn’t about HELPING people, it’s about control and suppression.

what PROTECT people? come on, that’s beyond the scope of this…

my thoughts exactly. like…what are they blocking? sites that might be educational?

requiring or exhibiting knowledge that is restricted to a small group; broadly : difficult to understand

How you gonna keep it esoteric if people keep posting the stuff online for anyone to read? Come on now.

the way things are going, they probably just block everything and then whitelist a subset of “approved” sites. didn’t the original AOL work that way in the UK?

Scared flailing about by the people who thought they were in charge of things… No matter how poorly it works they will herald it as a victory against the forces of… esoterica?

On the positive side, imagine all the jobs that will be created by the legion of censors they will have to hire. Let’s see… For YouTube alone that 100hrs/min that’s 320 people watching videos 7.5 hours a day. Of course, they’d just find one objectionable thing and block all of YouTube until some higher-up in the company called their pet senator and told them to knock it off. (parliament member? Sorry I’m from the US.)

How did Huawei work it’s way into your post…???

Since Mr. Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, only mentiones US-UK companies, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Microsoft in his speech…

I can only assume you have another source?

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I foresee a cottage industry in cheap, easy to configure VPN services…

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Ok… I can see how one could construe “potential”, but not actual relevance.

Noting of course, that the Talk-Talk system is merely part of an equipment + managed service offering by Huawei for that one service provider; NOT part of CEOP… the UK government version which was being discussed.

Does this mean we would prefer Ericsson to run such a system from their managed service? …the Swedes seem to have a much more relaxed and liberal viewpoint, …or perhaps Alcatel-Lucent for the French version? Cisco, of course, would be caught between Hollywood and the Puritan Ethic.

The point being that ALL of these companies make, sell, and manage deep-packet inspection systems of various sizes and shapes.

one of the greatest: Rahsaan Roland Kirk on Nose whistle

because most are dead

And here’s more on the moron-ic blockages likely to be put in place. Interestingly, since Cameron appears to be against blocking Page3, Google already does!

And some analysis:

Whoever put the list together typed “erotic” but it was auto-corrected by the “rude” filter on their govt. issue pc to “esoteric” and the system logged them, clutched pearls and swooned

I’ve had the same thought. They’re all, in concert, co-ordinated or not, trying to do the same thing. They see this great big prize of “thought control” out there.

This is akin to having the same list against your library card.

Sure, “IEDs for beginners” is perhaps a little dodgy, but how long till the phrase “explosive temper” is filtered into an auto-advisory to the cops to bust down your door and arrest you?

Yes - but think of the benefits. No-one would ever die of their own hand, ever again, and everyone would eat well and healthily.

C’mon - this isn’t just censorship, it’s a panacea for the world’s ills.


I’ve said previously if Theresa May and her Orwellian vision of the future of ritain ever get more power, I’d leave. I’m serious.

Looks like she’s being lined up for the shunt, though.

But these policies are bat.fucking.shit.crazy.

Censhorship and surveillance are such key desires in the warbook of civil management that no govt can ever say no to the potential. Power-hunger.

See, I think this article from dear old Auntie (the BBC) would be picked up:

and censored. It contains so many bad ideas.

In fact, I can’t see the online Bible being available anymore. And the Catholic Church - well, who’s ever going to be able to access it again?