Youtube bids happy 25th to the Web by granting British spies mass-censorship power


The linked article didn’t make it clear. Are they removing the videos for everyone or just the UK?

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So the people in question told Google that there could be content that threatens national security, & Google believed them?

What did Google get in exchange for suspending disbelief so easily?


My question exactly. Can British civil servants now censor what data I, a US citizen, can receive from a US corporation? Or is it just the lucky recipients of the Great Wall? Because I happen to enjoy quite a few things that might offend a British sense of decorum, for example, Korean nude midget mud wrestling.

Also, what the hell does “at scale” mean? Is that the same as “broad brush?”

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So, once they give up in the UK (and on material that even the UK government agrees is wholly legal) when exactly do they expect to stop having every last polity on the entire planet harassing them for super-takedown powers as well?

Unless that consideration was lost on them (which seems a bit of a stretch, Google didn’t get where it is by being utter morons), just what did Her Majesty’s Pearl-Clutching Busybodies have to get that kind of leverage?

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The official Google blog post for the web’s 25th:

On the 25th anniversary of the web, let’s keep it free and open

Maybe the YouTube people work on a different floor and didn’t get the memo.


I look forward to the only Youtube.UK content being monarchist cheering, The Archers, and party political broadcasts by the reigning political party.

I’ll just leave this here:

David Cameron on "How we’re backing tech innovation",d.ZG4

For those not on LinkedIn, trust me, it is highly advanced thinking from a Prime Minister. Well, maybe not.

Strictly speaking, a sufficiently advanced dystopia would involve a great deal of tech innovation…


youtube and Google itself still retained the ultimate decision on whether to remove content for breaching its community guidelines.

a cursory google video search for Korean nude midget mud wrestling didn’t turn up anything relevant :frowning: i think the brits have censored me :frowning:

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you know youtube is worldwide right Youtube.UK is the same as all youtubes

Yep - just joking with the .UK

Google it. Plenty there.

tho it would be funny to see a lot of very confused american saying they can only see monarchist cheering, The Archers, and uk party political broadcasts and noting else

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Britain could get back to its fantastic 1970s international image! We could even have the shops shut on Wednesdays!

No, that would involve giving poors a day off.


Perhaps you could compromise? Absolutely no customer-facing services on Wednesdays; but mandatory attendance at Dickensian workhouses for everyone below a certain income to keep the small folk from idleness and the dram-shop?


Does David Cameron have a BB account? If not, he should! He’s really missing out on some valuable publicity here!

Good. The sooner centralized media sharing services tighten their grip and misbehave in this manner, the sooner people will invent/find and turn to decentralized, peer-to-peer, uncensorable media sharing. Bring it.


Inevitable. The Cons, with desperation, are watching the next election trickle away to the other gang. So this happens, and they publicise it.

Honey - where’re my bermudas? We’re headin’ out!