Games Not Allowed


The lingering influence of Burgermeister Meisterberger.


I could understand blocking the ports used for online games, but an entire site discussing the event their patrons are probably attending?

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They wouldn’t want to create the impression that this is the kind of hostel people stay at to have “fun.”

Unless it’s the kind of fun that involves alcohol and exposed skin, anyway.

Games not allowed!


The irony is that patrons have to ask management for a copy of the ‘Content Blocked’ certificate to determine the underlying reason as the hotel blocks patrons from reading it due to the use of the word ‘games’ in the original.


I work for a state agency and we have a “bandwidth conservation” device by McAfee (don’t get me started about solutions worse than the problem) that works as a proxy we all have to pass through to get out to the web. A department that deals with homeless centers and meals for children couldn’t reach a soup kitchen’s website because it was blocked due to “sports/gambling” the reason they tripped up the system was they had a youtube video titled “Last summers softball fundraising tournament”. It took months to get that changed through McAfee’s online submission site for problem web pages.


My college used an off-the-shelf webfilter that hadn’t been tailored at all. The first and last time I used the network sans VPN I was trying to research a paper on the rise of anti-imperial nationalist sentiment in China in the run-up to the Boxer Rebellion and it blocked 90% of the academic sites I was trying to view for “inciting racism.”

Thanks, websense; I’m sure those long-dead British colonialists will be happy I couldn’t read any of those bad things about them…


Isn’t webfiltering and censorship kind of the perfect antithesis to academia? The colleges have become what they are meant to circumvent.


It’s sort of like this now:


I’m still baffled. I went to a community college and tech school for various quarters from 2009-2013, and I never encountered any filtering. Sure, the student manuals always said something like “please refrain from looking at porn on the campus internet”, but aside from that, I could go where I wanted and do what I wanted as long as I wasn’t clogging up the system or anything illegal.

How the hell are you supposed to do good research and participate in the social discourse with a Fisher-Price Playskool internet connection designed to steer you clear of “controversial”, “inappropriate” (to whom? Consenting adults?) or “frivolous” material.

TL;DR: Censorship is obscene.



I’m at a large research institute, and have yet to run into issues regarding filtering. That being said, when at school, I’m looking at a few news site (here, Gawker, a couple of others), and the library website to find articles or sources, usually through one of our databases and mail. but it’s probably depends on the school, whether it’s public or private, and who is running the school’s network.

I don’t think I’ve seen that film, but I’m thinking that this might be relevant

if not, shame on me for not checking search by image first.

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You’ve never seen Breakfast Club? Really?

Thanks for the link!


I’ve not seen it either, should I bother now that I’m in my 30s? I have however seen FEDs which was about two lady FBI trainees (one of them was Sabrina the teenage witch’s teacher). I love that film.

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Sidenote: I found plus berlin to be a really great hostel. They did fine a friend for urinating off the balcony in the middle of the night, but I can’t really fault them for that.

Surf Protection


I’m posting this from a hotel room.

My first reaction was to assume that the hotel I’m staying in had blocked the page. Which was rather a ‘WTF?’

Sophos/Astaro, that’s the firewall that we have at work – some of it’s categories are incredibly broad.
e.g. I think that it blocks all .org sites under the category “personal sites” – I am surprised that IT hasn’t eliminated that category since they get constant requests to whitelist sites (perhaps they are holding on to that one because it is the only category that I think our CEO lets them still block).

Edit: tried some popular .orgs and they were fine, perhaps it just defaults to block ones that are not well know – I have had to request several whitelistings, including the most recent Radiation Research: Official Journal of the Radiation Research Society

You should totally see the Breakfast Club. It’s a classic. However, my favorite teen film is without a doubt Heathers. Watch Heathers. Again and again and again. But the Breakfast Club is still quite watchable, even at 30.