UK gov't wants to ban dirty words in UK domain names; tell them to #$@* off

I was actually considering putting it down as “pound (GBP),” but that broke the flow of the wisecrack.

Wow! there really is a UK Dept. of Culture, Media & Sport. I saw the HQ building on a recent London trip and couldn’t believe how mammoth-sized that building is. Are the 3 activities supposed to be related or is it like an omnibus agency? Funny that US doesn’t have any government agency with any of those 3 words.

You can see what the DCMS does here, or more clearly here.

There is a whole lot of stuff. On your London trip you might have visited one of the large, national museums, like the Natural History Museum or Science Museum, which are funded by the DCMS (but have some operational independence).

Here I always thought that it was the southern United States that were the censorship kings. I really feel sorry for all you guys over there. It sure wasn’t like that when I was stationed in Germany back in the 80’s.

So once again China is being held up as the exemplar? Really?


This really has it in for that town’s branch of weightwatchers.

Undermines? I thought it was humorously ironic that way. Not to mention safe-for-work and simply well-mannered.

You’re an American, aren’t you?

It’s a perfectly clbuttic issue, and occurs frequently in buttociation with poopake mushrooms. In the U.S. it such a law might violate the consbreastution.

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