Biscuit package looks like it has naughty word on it


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“In an EngLiSH CoUNTry GaRDen”

So what’s the rest of the code or joke? IELSHCUNTGRD? Or are the rest of the letters a red herring to make it sound like the obvious joke was an accident? One thing is for sure: this will not be well received in Scunthorpe.


Why have randomly capitalized letters in the first place?


I will NOT have you speaking ill of the Welsh cuntgrounds.


Was this posted just for the cunning stunt joke?


Can yoU NoT suggest that word, please?


I wonder if the designer was just seeing if he could get away with it and did?
Also am I the only who immediately thought Rosebud Frozen Peas?


Oh noes.
The bad words.


There’s a TV commercial in the USA that takes place in a grocery store. At the end someone is standing in front of the “Eggs” sign in such a way that it blatantly appears as “Fags”. Apparently, no one has complained as the commercial is still running after at least a year.


I have heard that on a main road into Scunthorpe someone, starting many miles out of town, has been busy with a paint brush on the signs for the town.


That would be this one:


Cunning stUNT?


either because of apple, or they want to be 1337 or they just really really loved the movie eXistenZ


I really, really loved that movie. Way more than anyone should. I still have my dvd copy in the basement.


I still prefer the new flesh.


I thought they were playing off the song ‘In an English Country Garden’ (well, I think it’s called that anyway) and trying to emphasise the cadence of the tune. I found myself sorta singing that in my head when I read it, though with the, ah, alternative lyrics that I learned in primary school…


God forbid these delicate souls should ever see Hamlet, which contains almost exactly the same pun.


Me too! Lets watch it. I’ll bring the popcorn and we can order out for fish soup and make guns out of the bones!


Uh oh…it looks like there’s something in the country garden.


But letters are emphasized, not syllables. How would that match the meter?