Biscuit package looks like it has naughty word on it

Something similar happens around Shilbottle in Northumberland:


HAMLET: Lady, shall I lie in your lap? [Lying down at OPHELIA’s feet]
OPHELIA: No, my lord.
HAMLET: I mean, my head upon your lap?
OPHELIA: Ay, my lord.
HAMLET: Do you think I meant country matters?
OPHELIA: I think nothing, my lord.


I always found the town of “Tootenhill” in Ireland to be humourous. Every time we drove past the exit for Tootenhill on the N7, I would proclaim myself to be well qualified to be the mayor of Tootenhill. Yes, I am a fully grown manchild. I am aware.

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They’re good with salmon.

SLING THE CURD… upon these crackers. Aldi was trying to subliminally upsell customers on cheese spread. Obviously.

as someone who has dabbled in Objective C, I’d like to say that there is some method to the madness.

Objective C tends to have very long and descriptive methods. It’s very readable and in some respects, is self documenting.

NSAffineTransform *os = [NSAffineTransform transform];
[os translateXBy:.7 yBy:.9];
[rawPath transformUsingAffineTransform:os];

code lifted from here
A good code editor with autocomplete is a must, though.]

I’ve heard it said that technically, though, the “E” in Next’s logo is a majuscule.

All right, since I had to look this up

Lady, shall I lie in your lap?
Translation: In public, Hamlet is suggesting that he lie on top of Ophelia, as if they were having sex.

No, my lord.
Translation: What is wrong with you? Jerk.

I mean, my head upon your lap.
Translation: I just meant I wanted to lay my head on your lap. Why are you getting so worked up?

Ay, my lord.
Translation: Sigh.

Do you think I meant country matters?
Translation: “Country matters” is slang for sex. Why? Primarily because it plays on the offensive slang “c***,” which is built into the word “country.” Shakespeare loves this kind of pun. Remind us about how high-culture Shakespeare is, again?

I think nothing, my lord.
Translation: I’d rather not keep talking about this and I can’t acknowledge your sexual innuendo because that would suggest that I, an unmarried maid, know a little too much about sex.

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David Tennant’s delivery was practically perfect in every way:


HAMLET: My excellent good friends! How dost thou,
Guildenstern? Ah, Rosencrantz! Good lads, how do ye both?
ROSENCRANTZ: As the indifferent children of the earth.
GUILDENSTERN: Happy, in that we are not over-happy;
On fortune’s cap we are not the very button.
HAMLET: Nor the soles of her shoe?
ROSENCRANTZ: Neither, my lord.
HAMLET: Then you live about her waist, or in the middle of
her favours?
GUILDENSTERN: 'Faith, her privates we.
HAMLET: In the secret parts of fortune? O, most true; she
is a strumpet. What’s the news?

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I didn’t think the Branagh version did proper justice to those lines.

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