Mark Wahlberg does a pretty good job decoding Boston slang

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Masshole was heavily used as a child growing up in New Jersey.


I’m DYING. This is EVERYTHING! Thanks for sharing.


People outside of Massachusetts use the term “masshole” to describe people who drive horribly.

On a break from school once I did landscaping work for a small hospital in Dorchester – I rented a room in a house in Roslindale. I worked with some young lads from Southy, or as it sounded to me “Salty”. They accepted me as one of their own, by virtue of my Irish surname. I got to learn a lot about their dialect – I tried some of it out on my uncle who was from a nice, lace-curtain Irish family, and his face turned red. He later complimented me on my Boston accent.


Maybe the ice cream is missing the wooden spoon for the same reason a juice box is always missing the straw, or a can of cat food is always missing the plastic resealable lid?


Jimmies for condoms is definitely a thing in parts of New England. Its short for “Jimmy hat”. Jimmy being your schwanz and the condom being a hat for it.

Jimmies for sprinkles is a Jersey/philly thing.

Noreaster is not Mass. Slang. But slang throughout the whole northeast, And an actual meteorological term. And I think the term is originally from Maine.

Packie like wise is a thing in most of New England not just Mass.


I used to debate my fellow Bostonians about whether they were called "jimmies’ or “shots” or “sprinkles.” I’ve heard “jimmies” might have a racist etymology (snopes says “probably false.”)

I occasionally still hear “wicked” but I haven’t heard anybody say “pissah” since maybe the early 90’s. You’re more likely to hear someone from outside of Boston use it as a joke (or to pretend they know the lingo-- fail.)

I think probably in Wahlberg’s olde tyme Dorchester the corner stores (or “spas”) might not have had the wooden spoons, or kids just learned to eat them with the tops instead.


FYI - drinking fountains are also called bubblers in Wisconsin.

Also - Clicker is what TV remotes were called for ages all over the place because the first ones had one button that made a clicking sound as you cycled through all 14 channels (13 regular and one UHF). Finally got rid our our clicker some time in the late 80’s when we finally upgraded the 13" Zenith with a “massive” 19" Panasonic.

TVs are yooge anymore.

I live in Michigan, and we’re quite familiar with what Nor’easters are because we get winds blowing in from the east on the back end of those storms.


A strange and foreign place where a flipper is called a clicker or a zapper.


Jimmies are chocolate sprinkles for your ice cream.
Rainbow sprinkles are rainbow sprinkles.

I’m surprised he didn’t mention “bubblah” (drinking fountain), “spas” (bodega/corner store) or “tonic” (soda) but that last one is pretty much dead, I only hear it from people 60 or older really.


I worked for a Friendly Ice Cream in Quincy MA (before they changed the name to Friendly’s) and everyone said jimmies. Now I live in MD and there is an ice cream shop here called Jimmie Cone. Jimmies was definitely used around Boston when I was a kid in the late 60s.

Hoodsies were named for Hood brand ice cream cups. I think Hood may have even used the term Hoodsie and it came to mean any ice cream cup. Never heard Shiesty.


Yer also missin’ “stinga.” As in, “Ya sistah’s so hawt she gives me a wicked stinga.”


I still say tonic… sometimes. My grandmother’s “tonic” was Diet Pepsi.


Never heard that one… We, on the Cape, had our own slang, I guess.


I had never heard shiesty either.

Haha, you worked at Friendly’s! I think their peanut butter sauce is crack.



I only heard shiesty as a term to refer to shady lawyers or doctors, usually of a Jewish origin. I’ve never been a fan of that term and was surprised to see it listed as “Boston” slang.


I came in here specifically for the Bubbler thing. My wife (from California) still thinks it’s funny that’s what we call them. :slight_smile:


I suspect it’s a genericized brand name. I can’t think of a single other reason you’d call them Jimmies. Or why that name would be regionally associated in more than one non-interrelated region.

Like I said I’m reasonably sure it’s mostly a south Jersey and philly thing. But I have heard from people from all over the US who swear that’s what they’re called in upper lower south west Columbus Ohio suburbs.


Ran into him and his “posse” back in the early 90’s at the Paradise rock club in Alston. He came into the club during a Biohazard set and disrupted it (he was also shirtless in the middle of winter no less) did some breakdancing while his syncophants chanted his name (and kept the plebs away) then someone tossed him a hoodie and he was gone.
He was a no talent hack with delusions of rap stardom then and now he’s a super rich no talent hack.
I Got to see the supernumerary nipple though…

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