Watch the banned "Taste the Bush" wine commercial!


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Anything only “is understood” by those who lack the ability to consider multiple interpretations. It should never be automatic.


That’s what she said.


Amazing something that mildly sexual still gets banned in a world (though granted, a different country) where this was okay about ten years ago. [NSFW language]


I don’t get it! What “bush” are they referring to?


“The bush” is Aussie slang for the open country. So the non-sexual meaning of the commercial is that you can taste the countryside in Australia where the grapes were grown.


Oh, come on. It was the Dutch that thought that was OK. They think everything is OK, even today.


“The bush” is Canuckistan slang for the open country too, especially for First Nations.


Ding dang Dutchies, being all open minded and stuff.

Sucks that so much of the rest of the world is so slow to follow their lead.


Implying that somebody is likely to receive oral sex is far from demeaning them.


There are SO many references to blowjobs in advertizing, I can’t help but finding allusions to cunnilingus quite refreshing. Brings some balance.


The suggestion also bothers me that a “worst case” reading of “taste the bush” as a sexual euphemism must be degrading. Does oral sex upon women degrade them? The statement appears to push a sex-negative agenda which I do not share nor approve of. It smacks of repressive ideology.


The Dutch are fine. I just support any excuse for the English to make fun of other Europeans.


I think that’s what most people think when receiving oral sex, “This is so degrading. When will it end?!?”


Right? The “degrading” bit seems like a canard. I don’t see a problem with helping to normalize the idea of oral sex for women.


The actors own portrayal of embarrassment at the ‘phrasing’ supports that reading. Whether it is degrading or not, she was portraying a person who found the euphemism degrading. I guess it may be considered positive that we are supposed to laugh at such a person, but like the “men incompetent at housework” so often shown in paper towel etc commercials, it plays to and tacitly supports a stereotype as being “normal”.


On most things…
Zwarte Piet
They still have a few things that need cleaning up.


I just see two faces looking at each other…


There’s a difference between embarrassing and degrading. If she’s registering any slight embarrassment at that moment, I read it as embarrassment about the topic of sex inadvertently coming up within that context.

Um, what stereotype, exactly?

I’m guessing a lot of women laughed too, and maybe part of it for many was delight at the idea of oral sex for women.


So no reference to a “vagina” was intended?