Walken Closet was my favorite Superbowl ad


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We watched this instead of the Big Stupid Game.


I bet one of his conditions was that he’d keep the sock on his hand the entire time. Also this ad makes me even happier that I have a spouse who knits cool socks.

This design is called “Dark Side of the Moon”.


That ad was GREAT until it became a typical, uninspired and insulting car commercial featuring a cookie cutter mid-size sedan. Which failed in that typical manner, by encouraging people to drive like idiots.


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Which failed in that typical manner, by encouraging people to drive like idiots
[/quote]Where? In the straight line on a highway at the speed limit despite Walken’s sock puppet encouraging him to “punch it”? You’re free to think whatever, I just can’t agree with any part of your review.

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Runner up: Helen Mirren’s Bud-branded drink-driving PSA
[/quote]The way she says “coward” makes me think they had multiple takes of her saying “cunt”. Even on the take they use she lingers on that C for a loong time, I enjoy it immensely.


Yes I am free in that manner. Are you? I think you are but it doesn’t change much. Even in a cozy-safe mid-size sedan sudden acceleration, even in a straight line, can cause a loss of traction. That happens whether you are free to think otherwise or not.

You are also free to imagine that you saw the speedometer and a corresponding posted speed limit in the ad, but you didn’t, and your freedom to think otherwise didn’t affect what the ad showed.

As well, I thought a large portion of the ad was “GREAT”, a word I often associate with Walken. If you didn’t like the ad what do you care what I think about anyway. You didn’t agree with any part of my review, remember.


How anyone could prefer the car commercial over Helen Mirren, I cannot fathom.

Although, WTH was that last line? “Nice and cold” she says, excitedly. No, she’s British, they don’t like icy cold drinks, and especially not beer. The one wrong note in an otherwise perfect ad.


I didn’t watch any adverts (because adverts) - or much of the game (because meh), but I heard that Bud slagged off craft beer again, so they can continue to keep fucking off, and I will continue to boycott any craft breweries they buy out.


the car is indeed the personification of beige.


To be fair, drinking that swill ice cold is the only way it is tolerable, lots of people ice that shit directly.


You missed the irony. She’s a proper english lady in an “english” looking restaurant settling down to a very american burger, fries and bud (presumably to watch the big game). The “nice and cold” is supposed to be a commentary on the cliche/stereotype around english beer that (maybe?) persists in the US.


I’d agree that most car ads do seem to encourage people to drive like idiots, but this is hardly the most egregious example. Nevertheless, the ad was great up right up until it became just another car ad. Just about anything else would have been better.


It’s not a cliche/stereotype, it’s very true.

It was probably harder for her to say that line as if she meant it than to keep from swearing for the entire commercial.


It is not the temperature that is a cultural preference. The cultural preference is the beer style itself. The temperature is a consequence of that preference. The beers the english drink at cellar temperatures are ales, properly drunk at slightly warmer temperatures (but hardly “warm”), whereas the more common (in “mainstream” beers) lagers are drunk cold on both sides of the Atlantic.


I used to work in a pub in The City, so I am well aware of the temperature requirements of various types of beers there. Lagers are not drunk as cold in Britain as they are in the U.S., not by a long shot.


I feel that the switch to it being an ad for a shitty car actually made it funnier, because you know at some point that it has to happen. Suspense! And because the “expect more excitement” setup could have been for practically any product or service in the world, the humor grows exponentially in proportion to its mundanity and blandness.

The ideal thing would have been an ad for actual socks.


I liked how Walken is convincing the guy to stand out from the crowd… so he introduces him to generic looking white sedan. That’s not how it works, Kia. If your car is monochrome it is incapable of standing out, that’s why those colors are so popular.

Paint it like a BMW art car and then you’d be on to something.


I was hoping her speech would have been bleeped at times…don’t want to offend the gentle American TV viewers


Actually, I felt like that ad was a perfect unintentional singularity of awesome for that precise moment.

Said: “Nice and cold!”
Unsaid: “I’m assuming that’s how it’s taken because you handed me a frosty bottle and because there’s no way on God’s green earth I’m actually going to drink that fucking swill even if you pay me, so you had better cut away or you’re just going to have a long awkward pause of me holding this prop up and never, ever, in a billion years, drinking it.”

I may or may not have strong feelings about Budweiser.


Also, the NFL’s shameless attempts to encourage post game sex got pretty grating after a while.

As if they’re singlehandedly responsible for populating the nation.