Random guy at protest for jailed potsmoker makes best argument for legalizing weed


Circumstances prevent me from celebrating properly, but at the appropriate time today I will be having a beer.


He’s the hero this city needs right now, but not the one it deserves.



I guess marijuana needs to be legalized so that long term studies can be done before we can say with certainty that it kills no cunt. I’m pretty sure we can say that people with alcohol and tobacco addictions are probably worse off that people who smoke too much weed though.

He’s like the catcall guy, except weed.

Well, except his weed smoking doesn’t attack women.

I suppose he’s calling men cunts too. That should make everybody feel much better.

It’s English slang and it is what it is. You call out bros for using “douche” too?

What Americans fail to understand about British English and Australian English is that the word “cunt”, meaning a vexatious person, is a homonym for the word meaning ladyparts. Just like “cock” means both a dick and a gentleman’s penis.

And there’s a subset of the populace for whom the term ‘cunt’ is just about the most acceptable gender-neutral pronoun.


this is not about reason. this has been about cultural control.

Jelly! And I must refer you to my appropriate user pic.

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The word cunt is relatively benign to a large portion of the Australian population. It certainly barely refers to a ladies parts anymore. Amongst a large portion of people I know “come 'ere cunt” can mean anything from “Approach me person I barely know, but intensely dislike, I would like to fight you” to “Old friend of mine, join me so we can chat about the current state of affairs while consuming these delicious fermented yeast drinks”. It’s all in the context and tone.

Also I’d like to further clarify on Xeni’s post and this video, it is illegal to smoke marijuana anywhere in Australia, public or not; however some states have decriminalised minor infringements. Medical marijuana trials are also about to take place in the three east coast states (but not the east coast territory). The guy that got arrested certainly made a valid point that I agree with, but his girlfriend’s claim that the police had no legal right to arrest him was about 100% incorrect.

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Seems a fairly restrained and measured response to the situation using language that is perfectly acceptable, and not offensive, to a very large section of the Australian population. I dare say he personifies a typical Australian reckless cunt ( a reckless cunt is nether reckless or a female body part).

Pretty sure this guy was putting on an act for the cameras, doing the ‘junkie drawl’, hence the exaggerated use of expletives. The things that tipped it for me were: A) no junkie owns an umbrella, and B) when he slips in ‘Hi Shane’ under his breath.

Also C) He clearly states “it’s all an act”.


You realize that we use the word in America, right? It is just that here it is considered that calling a woman by that word, for example, will get you taken outside and beaten half to death by all of her friends (or her).

In Australia cunt can be thought of as interchangeable with dude. Conversation I always remember having was: “How was the surf?” “It was fucken great I was the only cunt out there” - Also gets used to refer to unfortunate people as in: “Poor cunt lost both his legs in a motorcycle accident”. Neither is meant as derogatory. Female colleague of mine likes to leave work with a “Fuck you all, you’re all a bunch of cunts” with smile on her face. All that said if you utter it with enough venom it can be about the worst insult you can give someone, and I wouldn’t use it unless I was sure of my company. I don’t think it carries quite the taboo it does in the United States though.

Plus he’s an actor in character from the comedy show Housos


The word most used for remonstrance here is “mate”, especially when repeated.

“Mate. Ma-a-ate.”