A massive scale model of our solar system built in a dry lakebed - ORPHANED-DED!

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This is a dup @pesco Xeni beat ya to it: http://boingboing.net/2015/09/16/scale-model-of-the-universe-in.html

Yeah, but we’re supposed to vote who blogged it best. Which would be @xeni since @pesco’s goes to a 404 thingie.


Seeing as Pesco managed to not screw up the title by 14-odd orders of magnitude, my vote is for him.

Also, nuh-huh, it doesn’t go to a 404, here’s the link: http://boingboing.net/2015/09/16/a-massive-scale-model-of-our-s.html


Do we need a poll for this?

When I clicked through to the front page from the top post link, it’s a page not found, 404, thingie… and this link too.

I mean, I know I’m not the most tech savvy person around here, but even I can’t screw up a right click! :wink:


Now I see that it’s been deleted. I must have had a cached copy still available in the browser. So… I guess we’re orphaned.

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I feel like we should do something special with this… there, I edited the title and of course it automatically moved it into dizzy.


I believe there’s a thread somewhere in Meta advocating for Regulars to have the ability to correct Typos in Boing titles without it automatically forcing it into Dizzy or other categories. I haven’t read the thread but hey maybe if we add one more example to the pile over there, they’ll let us do it.


If you need tech support, just press this button:


Tech support? Don’t you mean history support? Or humanities support?

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You keep thinking I’m the source of all knowledge and really I’m just the source of some… :wink:

I’m not thinking…

That’s what you are for… hee hee.

Well, someday you’re going to have to do your own thinking, now, won’t you!


Not if @catgrin comes back…
Darn if I don’t hate having to look stuff up myself…


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