A master of miniatures' incredible small town



I love his lighting. And that vimeo short about him is pretty intense.

Delightful miniatures and a cool mini documentary …

I’m gonna go to Elgin Park on vacation this summer. Looks like a nice place to hang out… and I’m gonna hotwire one of those 57 Chevy Nomads and drive it back.


What I like about his photos is how he gets the ground to look so real be it mud, snow, gravel, etc.

I was impressed with his work before, but after seeing the documentary I’m impressed with him as a person and an artist, overcoming what he has to bring a vision to life. Some artists manage to create places I want to visit, and I’d probably enjoy strolling the streets of Elgin Park watching the sometimes quirky citizens go about their lives.

On his flickr stream he posts pictures of builds in progress and you can appreciate his crazy attention to detail, building out things that won’t even appear in the photos. It’s fascinating to watch balsa and household items turn into all manner of miniature objects.

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