Laid-off employee starts making incredible miniatures of famous Los Angeles buildings

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I want all or any of these. He’s chosen the best subjects for his work. I don’t know if they’re for sale, but if they are…


These are cool but the video is awful. Why do they choose to put blippy music with horns (and typewriter effects?) pretty loud in the background interfering with his voice, and huge ALL-CAPS subtitles two lines deep, with few shots of both his work and the original?


No links anywhere? Not on the video or the youtube page or here? Well google reveals


That is realy cool. In a way it is a preservation of this type of architecture.

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Because they can and because they think it’s trendy and hip and cool, and really it’s all about the video as a proto-artistic endeavour.

What? Real communication? Actually show and tell? Nah - that’ll never catch on!

(Mutter, mutter, something young people today and lawns.)

Thank you for that small service. @gracchus may also benefit. :wink:


It is, and that’s especially important in LA. Nothing lasts long there and a lot of the classic LA buildings that people think of (like the Brown Derby) are long gone. I think I read that Bob’s Big Boy is going away, eliminating another piece of classic LA kitsch architecture. Sad to see it all replaced with “high end” condos and more strip malls.


Oy one item for sale (the Hollywood Bowl marquee), but the price of $2k seems fair for a lovingly crafted and unique piece of art. It’d seriously consider buying the Philippe’s, the Apple Pan, or the Fry’s Burbank model at that price if one of them was available.


I agree - the price does not seem excessive for something that took so many hours of work.

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There’s another New Zealander who also makes scale models of buildings, etc.

Mike Beer, aka “Ghostcat”, is based in Christchurch, NZ. Last year he had an exhibition at the Fiksate Studio and Gallery in Christchurch showing his models:

Fiksate Studio - “Shadow Town” by Ghostcat

Fiksate Studio - Shadow Town Miniatures


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