100 of the coolest buildings in Los Angeles


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Oh great, they’re going to force me to play Minecraft again.


There’s some very cool ones in here I’d never seen before! Like the Herald-Examiner building, Hale House and Chemosphere* - and Pann’s truly is a great type specimen of Googie.

As for the Gehry buildings… well, let me quote someone who put it better than I could: “Frank Gehry is a great sculptor, unfortunately working in the medium of architecture”. I would hate to have to live within sight of any of his works.

* totally a UFO.


Anything Greene and Greene is fine by me.


OK. I’m going to be that guy.

Castle Green isn’t on the list?!?


One thing I like about the Bradbury building is that it’s a powerful example of how big a difference lighting and set dressing can make for TV and film. In Blade Runner it’s a freaktastically spooky setting for the final showdown, but in Pushing Daisies it’s almost cartoonishly cheerful.


been a while, but was really into the creative build aspect of Minecraft. Not always the best medium for highly modern, more minimal constructs, but I have made some forays into 20th cent. stuff such as a tribute to Sullivan’s National Farmer’s bank. May be a few LA edifices worth voxelizing, too.


I made a pretty nice Fallingwater once.


I read this earlier today. I can’t imagine. I’m trying to make a floating island with a castle on top and it’s taking forever.


here’s a pair of houses i saw in albuquerque in 2010.


The Bonaventure Hotel hotel appeared in the short lived Sci FI series.

I got it confused with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance_Center
in Detriot.
And it’s been slightly annoying me for years what the heck that series was called…because I tried to look at Renaissance Center instead of Bonaventure.


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