A mechanical, wooden Turing machine

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“I did not build a safeguard into the Writing Wires. Things will break if the machine attempts to write a ‘0’ as well as a ‘1’. And wires can migrate and drift.”

This was actually the cause of the Wooden Robot Rebellion of 1739


So very lovely and well executed.


That looks just like one of the Turing machines my grandpa used to build in his barn. I’m glad someone is keeping this lost art alive.


of course, being a Seurat, he built it out of sawdust, n’est-ce pas?

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This was such a cool post, and I knew it was from Cory even before I saw his byline. I love the Wonderful Things part of Boing Boing, they make me a Happy Mutant!

Does anyone want to be less lazy than me and work out how big this would be if it were scaled up to Collossus or MADM? And how much slower/how long you’d have to crank it for?

This is hands-down amazing! This makes me wish there was a compendium of all the interesting ways you can use gears, cams, rockers, toggles, and other devices to build machines.

Trying to mine bitcoins with that would make me cranky.

Probably quicker to do it with pen and paper. And you’d need to significantly extend the tape.

Just beautiful
this also should be made from LEGO bricks.

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