Cool marble-powered mechanical computer to solve logic problems

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Do want!



This looks like a great idea.


They also make the computer “Turing complete”, which means that if the board was big enough, it could do anything a regular computer could do!

Yea, but it would need to be as big as the Sahara desert, and the vector of gravity would need at least a 10 degree adjustment.

EDIT: Its face! >_< I didn’t even notice its little face!


This is really cool and reminds me of a baseball game I had as a kid. It used metal ball bearings to do an amazing simulation of baseball that could track balls, strikes, outs, which bases were occupied and runs scored! It was really amazing.


This is really nice if they’ve got the machining reliable and can deal properly with the plastic-on-plastic friction. Those of us old enough to remember Dr. Nim will recall how temperamental it was, and it had far fewer gates than this machine does.

(Still, it has to work better than crab computing, which is an actual thing.)


Guilty as charged :wink:



Back in the mid 80s I learned BASIC from a simple book, and I made all kinds of crummy games and stuff on my Atari. If I want to fool with BASIC now, how do I do it? Can you still program crummy games and stuff in BASIC?

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All the cool kids are using Scratch these days. If you can build Legos, you can program in Scratch.

If you want to stick with what you know, updated for a modern OS, you could try Just BASIC.

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Looks like Just BASIC is for Windows only? But I must be able to find a BASIC thing for MacOS, right? Yes, I must! I will!

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Or do it online.

First: simulate an Altair …

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