Make this scale model of the Dr. Nim digital game

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I had one of those as a kid. It’s one of those things that just drained out of my memory – haven’t thought about it in ______ years. Thanks for the reminder! Someone should do an online version.


Me too. There’s one in our house somewhere right now. What we need is not a smaller version, but a giant version. Preferably one that can operate vertically. I have a large space on the wall outside my office door where it could go.


I assume you know of Turing Tumble, the more recent marble computer (logic gates) toy/game that came out earlier this year. But if you didn’t, well, there it is.


Thought it sounded familiar.

In fact:

But I was actually thinking of:

And in other news:


This was on my list of things I want to print once we get a 3d printer or laser cutter.

Right now, we have no space and the kids are not old enough, but I can make the case once they are old enough to start wanting to print their own projects (and they have used the library printers enough times to make a case that we need one or both).


For some reason this brought home to me that we really are living in the future. And that it’s not evenly distributed.

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My parents made big sacrifices for our first couple of real computers. I was lucky, I also went to an elementary school that had a few computers, and a Jr. high that had a computer lab.

I am not sure how we are going to navigate STEM. Were good on introducing concepts and the exploration with what we have, but the the wizz-bang stuff is pricey. I’m lucky to have a library with a fab/techlab. Unfortunately that means scheduling, crowds, broken or wonky equipment, and limited availability of resources. Learning to work with those constraints can also lead to important skills, but I do want my kids to be able to explore on their own time. At least Tinker Cad is free. It will be some time till they can use it, but when they are ready, the free tools will at least be usable.

I still remember the joy of solving a problem in my sleep and waking up with some idea of how to solve the problem.

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