Dr. Nim - a 1966 "computer" "game"

Our friends at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories recently made a high quality reproduction of the Digi-Comp II, a binary digital rolling-ball mechanical computer from the 1960s. (Cory wrote about it here.) Today on their blog, the Evil Mad Scientists posted about Dr. Nim, a game from the creator of the original Digi-Comp II. Dr. NIM… READ THE REST

Ah, but if you want something that actually computes with balls, why not try this from the 70s…


I remember it from when my father was doing an OU foundation course on technology. It probably laid the foundations for me playing with digital things too…

For those that wanted to play with gravity-powered marble loaded flip flop gates AND with other people there was Parker BRos “Avalanche” game.

Yes! I had this! In 1966, I was 9 years old and totally fascinated by this toy.

I still have my Dr. Nim game. Purchased back in 1967 from Edmund Scientific. It’s been languishing in a closet cabinet for the past four decades, so I really should either sell it or donate it to a museum one of these days. My best friend had the Digi-Comp 1 which seemed a bit more challenging after the novelty of Dr. Nim wore off.

I want to see someone come out with a modern equivalent, to explain quantum computing.

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