Video about a cool gravity-fed marble "computer" game that beats human players


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This game should release a Rats of Nimh-branded special edition.

It could even come with a magical necklace charm, for levitation hijinks.


I received that game as a Christmas gift from my parents in 1969 :grinning:


Suh-weeeeet! Win any bar bets?


Looks like a small version of Digi-Comp II . Same marble logic gates, etc.


Still have it?


Kind of disappointing, because from the name “Dr Nim” I expected something that can play true multi-heap Nim, with a mathematical xor computation. That would have been really impressive and mind-boggling to the novice.


Same company; Dr. Nim was first. I had both. (I still have a Dr. Nim in the house, but not mine; it was a gift to my son from a friend.) Some day when I have time I hope to build a giant wooden one for the wall outside my office.


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